Gambling Corner

by Aidan Bennett '24 on November 10, 2023


Greetings fellow sports bettors. It’s that time of the week again. It’s time for you to read the future of college football, courtesy of the Shepherd. Let’s be honest, this is the Georgetown of college football slates. It’s all bad and is going to be difficult to watch. While these games are going to be disgusting, so will our picks. Even when the games are garbage, we are the garbage men here to make some beans. Let us not waste any time with appetizers; let us get straight into the meat and potatoes.  

My first lock of the week is Michigan State +7 @ Minnesota. We bet on the Golden Gophers last week moneyline in Iowa and we were rewarded. Well, this week we are fading them. We are fading them because of their win last week. They had an emotional win that was assisted by some questionable calls which all points to them having a letdown this week. The only thing that will help them is being back at home. Their home crowd should be able to give them the energy that they won’t have going into the game. Michigan State just got absolutely embarrassed by their biggest rival Michigan 49–0 in their home stadium. They are on a five-game losing streak which would indicate that they have given up and to fade them every week. What makes us want to bet on them is how small this spread is. Minnesota should be at least double digit favorites this weekend at home, but they aren’t. Vegas is asking you to take their spread. The Shepherd is here to guide you away from that trap. Minnesota still wins but I’ll take Michigan State to cover losing 21–13 in a very boring game.  

     Our next game keeps us in the Big 10 in another boring matchup between Nebraska and Purdue. This is another game with a weird spread that should be raising some red flags. Nebraska is only a 2.5-point favorite over Purdue at home. This is another trap game. Vegas wants you to bet Nebraska. They are putting this line out and just begging you to put some cash on the Cornhuskers, but guess what? That’s exactly what we are going to do. I know it’s a trap. I know it’s a rat line, but I don’t care. You might be thinking the early bird catches the worm, but know that this is a second mouse gets the cheese kind of game. Knowing when to avoid trap games and taking trap games is an art, and they call me Tommy “Trap Game Knower” Shepherd. Give me Nebraska to win and cover easily 24–9 at home this Saturday afternoon.  

Our last game for this Saturday takes us out to the West Coast as Oregon State travels down to Arizona in what smells like an upset. My Shepherd senses are tingling for this one, ladies and gentlemen. Arizona has been really tough at home this year. The Pac12 is quite deep, and Oregon State will not win this weekend. They are just coming off a high-quality win at home against UCLA. It is going to be a very tough environment and I see Arizona pulling off the massive upset. They are only +150 right now which is very low considering these two teams. All of this points to Arizona stealing a win at home against a better team. 

For those of you with the memory of a UConn student I’m taking Michigan State +7.5 over Minnesota. Next, I have Nebraska to cover -2.5 over Purdue at home. I’ll finish that up with Arizona in an upset over Oregon State in the night game (+150). A parlay of what I’m cooking is currently sitting at +811 and let me say, I love how tasty that is.  

As always gambling can be addictive and if you feel you have an issue call 1-800-GAMBLER for help. Gambling should only be done within your means with money you can afford to lose.  

Till next time. Happy betting! 

Sincerely, The Shepherd.