PCI: Adam Fox

by Aidan Bennett '24 on November 10, 2023


The NHL season is finally upon us, which gives us even more opportunities to gamble our money away. While some people are looking at betting on who’s going to win the Stanley Cup, I got my eye on a longshot for the MVP. Here’s a guy that’s coming off back-to-back 70-point seasons and is gearing up to take the next step this year. No one from his team or his position has won the Hart Trophy in decades, but that is about to change. Of course, I am talking about Adam Fox of the New York Rangers. Right now you can get him at +10,000, and boy, is that a tasty line. He’s already been awarded the Norris Trophy for being the best defenseman in the NHL back in 2021, but I know that no defenseman has won the MVP since Chris Pronger did back in 1999-2000. What does this mean? It means that we are due, ladies and gentlemen. I already know every square out there is going to take Connor McDavid to win, and he probably will, but come on. What schmuck would take a guy who is only +100 to win an MVP? That is a simpleton pick. I refuse to take it. Around these parts, we take long shots. Why? Because we can and because it’s awesome. Any time McDavid or any other squid comes into MSG, Fox will be there and will shut him down. He will do this because he’s a beast with the chin of a Lego. No one can get by that face. He’s a Harvard guy, so he will find some smart way to shut them down, but he will also use his mass that he has been cultivating. Foxy is not afraid to park his behind right in front of the net and take some shots off that massive chin of his. When he is lifting the cup through the streets of New York next spring, we will be counting our money on his MVP victory, future courtesy of the one and only Shepherd.