Huxley: The Friar Kitty

by Holli Hay ’27 on November 12, 2023


The peaceful night of Sept. 13 seemed to many like any other evening in Friartown. However, a visitor lurking in the shadows of campus brought excitement to all. A stray cat wandered around campus, reportedly following people back to their dorms and repeatedly meowing outside the entrances to be let in. News rapidly spread about the cat, who received the nickname “Huxley.” It is the cherry on top that Huxley is colored black and white, following Providence College’s school colors. Some even said Huxley should be PC’s new mascot. 

The next day Huxley was found yet again exploring campus, spending time with students during class passing periods and basking in the sun. Crowds of students surrounded Huxley, giving him immense affection. An anonymous student even stated, “This cat is probably the best thing to happen all week, I am absolutely feral for this thing.” Huxley was giving students the pet therapy they had longed for during the first hectic weeks of school. 

All of a sudden, tragedy struck and a storm like no other hit campus. Students were in distress. Where was Huxley during this storm? Would he find a warm and dry spot to reside in as the water poured down with no remorse? How could we sit in class and concentrate when we knew Huxley’s well-being was at stake? 

A couple hours later the storm passed and the sun was once again shining, but where was Huxley? No updates were posted and students were extremely concerned about his whereabouts. However, sure enough, at dusk a picture surfaced of Huxley being carried to a van labeled Providence Animal Control. Although students were upset that this short-lived dream came to an end, they were happy to hear that Huxley was okay and going to get the help he needed. Huxley surely blessed campus in the days he was present, and he will not be forgotten by everyone he made smile.