Love and Inclement Nights

by Meg Brodeur '24 on November 12, 2023
Portfolio Co-Editor


The city lights melt onto the concrete—

dripping from sluggish raindrops,

descending from the hazy midnight sky

Four rushing tires smear the fluorescent light

across the surface of her favorite city street,

blending the three mediums together

until one is indistinguishable from another

In a slow and steady rhythm,

her suede heels click against the sidewalk,

several beats behind the racing in her chest

The November air evokes from her a blatant shiver,

so he quickly moves to thaw her frigid hands,

enveloping them in the warmth of his own

and gently draping his coat over her shoulders

Regardless of the inclement weather,

they still beam at each other

under a starless night sky.