Olivia Rodrigo Spills Her Guts

by Caitlin Ariel '24 on November 12, 2023
A&E Staff

Arts & Entertainment

Olivia Rodrigo had the internet in hysterics two weeks ago when she released her sophomore

album, Guts, on Sept. 8. While her first album, Sour, was filled with sappy, intimate, and heartbreaking ballads that took over the nation, Guts is filled with pop-punk bangers with

hilarious yet witty lines (“I wanna meet his mom/ just to tell her her son sucks.”) With all that said, there is one concept for sure about Rodrigo and this album: she’s annoyed.

The insecure girl who we saw in “drivers license” back in 2021 seems to have

vanished in Guts. There is a new and refreshing level of confidence from Rodrigo that has fans

jumping, fist-bumping, and screaming along. In fact, “get him back” seems to be a perfect 180

from Rodrigo’s “drivers license.” She rips into her boyfriend, singing in a rant-like way about how she wants to reunite with him but also vows to take revenge. She explains in a catchy bridge, “I wanna key his car/I wanna make him lunch/I wanna break his heart then be the one to stitch him up.” The powerful rock tunes that are “get him back,” “ballad of a homeschooled girl,” “all-american b*tch,” and “bad idea, right?” capture the essence of the young star’s emotions while writing and recording the album: a beautiful concoction of emotional, angsty, and vengeful.

The anticipation was high for the sophomore album of this young starlet. So high that this past

week, she was given the opportunity to perform on the iconic VMA stage. Rodrigo began with a

heartfelt performance of her single “vampire” in a red set and leg warmers. Although impressive,

guests were startled when pieces of the set began falling onto the stage. Between the sparks of

electrical malfunction and curtains falling in Rodrigo’s path, viewers at home were pulled into

the action when the camera feed began glitching. Panning to the audience, celebrities like Selena

Gomez looked puzzled, going as far as to cover her ears to soften the popping sound of the sparks.

Rodrigo was quickly escorted off-stage. However, this was all a stage trick.

Moments later, Rodrigo picked back up with her song “get him back” with a small militia of

dancers dressed in pink.

It is refreshing to see Rodrigo owning her image as a pop-punk princess, and both her performances

and the hype around her new album prove that she is here to stay. 

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