Should Running Backs Be Paid like Star Players? Providence College Investigates: NFL

by Patrick Walsh '24 on November 12, 2023
Sports Staff


Yes, They Should

It is very clear that NFL running backs should be compensated just as much as the other star player positions. A running back has  one of the most important positions on the football field; however, it is also one of the most injury-prone positions in all of sports. In today’s NFL, having at least two players in your backfield that you trust to carry the ball at all times is absolutely monumental. That said, is it worth investing such a high amount in such a risky position? The answer to this without question is yes; with high risk comes high reward. Every week, players go out and risk their bodies and lives to do anything in their power to become victorious. Being able to run the ball confidently is one of the most important concepts of the game. For many teams, it is the difference between winning and losing a game. Running back is a unique position because it allows a team to control the clock and convert on key short third or fourth down plays. One of the prime reasons running backs are more prone to injury is because they get the ball during most of the game. For a player that has that much value to a team and ownership, it is fair to be paid accordingly because they are a tremendous part of the offense. Every team in every game will suffer injuries that prevent them from reaching their goals that are just part of the game. If teams were to start lowering pay or giving money to other positions over the running back position, it would be less motivating and show that the half-back position is not as important as a wide receiver, which is not the case. Throughout the league’s history, the running back position has dominated and been scattered with surreal talent. Other than the quarterback position, running backs are the most important because they can control a game and be the deciding factor in an offense’s success.