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Elon Musk’s Graffiti Gigafactory

Elon Musk’s Graffiti Gigafactory Art and Technology Meet at the New Tesla Facility Claudia Fennell ’24 Driven by the efforts of CEO Elon Musk, Tesla Motors is leading the way into the future of the automobile industry with cars that do not run on fossil fuels. As the rate of climate change accelerates, consumers are […]

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Honoring the Four-Legged Heroes of 9/11

Honoring the Four-Legged Heroes of 9/11 New York Museum Pays Tribute to the Tragedy’s Unsung Heroes Claudia Fennell ’24 With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 this month, Americans are reminded of those lost on that horrific day two decades ago. The nation honors the brave first responders, especially firefighters and policemen, who scavenged the ruins […]

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A Master Painter Returns: Vincent van Gogh

The Artist’s “Street Scene in Montmartre” Unveiled by Grace O’Connor ’22 A&E Staff Vincent van Gogh’s paintings have been centerpieces of the art world, capturing the eyes of their audiences, for centuries. It has recently been revealed that one of van Gogh’s paintings has been hidden in a private collection for over 100 years. This […]

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“Calamitous Love and Insurmountable Grief”

folklore Proves Taylor Swift’s Range and Depth by Madison Palmieri ’22 A&E Staff For Taylor Swift fans, these uncertain times have brought an unexpected gift: the singer’s eighth studio album, folklore, which was announced on July 23 and then released at midnight on July 24. Swift explained the concept behind the album on Instagram: “It […]

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At Home Overseas: The Dominican Order and DWC Abroad

Renaissance Art and Architecture in Florence, Italy by: Catherine Goldberg ’20 A&E Staff Providence College is proud of its Dominican identity. Much of the Dominican Order’s history roots itself in 13th century Italy, where St. Dominic traveled, preached, and led his order. In Florence, there is a Dominican basilica, the Santa Maria Novella, which is […]

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“Classic Beauty: 21st-Century Artists on Ancient [Greek] Form”

PC-Galleries Celebrates Ancient Art Through a Contemporary Lens by: William Burleigh ’19 A&E Staff Providence College-Galleries’ current fall exhibition, which opened on Sept. 12, has been available to the public for several weeks now. Titled “Classic Beauty: 21st-Century Artists on Ancient [Greek] Form,” the group exhibition examines the ongoing influences that ancient, antique, and classical […]

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