August 15, 2020

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  • Arts & Entertainment | Jan.16, 2020

    New Trend for 2020: Consumers Control the Fashion

    Dress to Suppress Climate Change and Make a Difference by: Jennifer Villeda ’20 A&E Staff Thanks to teenager Greta Thurnberg, climate change and sustainability were at the forefront of our minds throughout 2019. Thunberg stood up to global leaders and…

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  • Fashion | Dec.05, 2019

    The Prime Time for Sweater Weather

    Exploring Fashion Trends During the Winter Season by Jennifer Villeda ’20 A&E Staff From dressing up in warm, chunky sweaters and jeans for family photos, to burrowing in oversized sweatshirts and leggings to watch Hallmark films, to upcoming ugly holiday…

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  • Arts & Entertainment | Oct.10, 2019

    An Armor of Capes, Cashmere, and Caftans

    The Graduate Providence Welcomes André Leon Talley by Jennifer Villeda ’20 A&E Staff Fashion hides one’s struggles in beautiful fabrics, convincing people they have everything together. But it can also serve as a mask to conceal the pain and insecurities…

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  • Arts & Entertainment | Jan.31, 2019

    Haute Couture: Paris Fashion Week Showcases Seasonal Collections

    Designers Debut Interesting “Wordy” Clothing   by Brigid Walshe ’19 A&E Staff   It may be cold and dreary here in Providence, but Paris was filled with life and haute couture this past week, as Paris Fashion Week brought the…

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