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Halloween Costumes 2023

With pumpkins out on Eaton Street porches, cobwebs and caution tape strung around stores, and scary movies at the top of all streaming platforms, Halloween is almost here. For those impressive go-getters who take great pride in their costumes, planning began weeks, maybe even months ago. I wish I could say I was part of […]

Mary Catherine Craig

Best Halloween Movies to Watch This Year

As the leaves turn and the air grows cold, the Halloween season is upon us, and what is a better way to celebrate the spooky season than by watching a Halloween movie? Whether you are a horror fan or in the mood for a more lighthearted Halloween flick, this selection of movies has options for […]

Claudia Fennell '24

Into The Unknown and Throughout Halloween Television

The thought of the unknown has remained at the forefront of many literary works. It has been expressed by authors such as Mary Shelley in her exploration of the fine line between life and death in her novel Frankenstein (1818), or the complete writings of Edgar Allen Poe who dives into the dark and gloomy […]

Ian Gualtiere ’27

Beyond Fiction: The Thrill of Real Stories in Documentaries

When we look back on the 18th century, we see its notions as outdated and its technology as drably undeveloped. The world was boring then, we think; people were confined to their immediate communities and finding their novel exhilaration from a machine that cleaned cotton. Who would want to be them?  Now, we have 3D […]

Kendall Headley '26

Dancing With the Stars 3-Week Recap

Dancing with the Stars made a triumphant return to ABC and Disney Plus for its 32nd season on Sept. 25. Despite initial concerns about its resurgence amid the WGA strike, which has disrupted various shows and promotional activities across all platforms, DWTS roared back with a star-studded cast of 14 individuals hailing from diverse corners […]

Caitlin Ariel '24

Changes on the “Road to Hell”Jordan Fisher Joins the Cast of Hadestown

After over four years and 1,000 performances on Broadway, the popular musical Hadestown will have a new leading actor. Reeve Carney, who has played the role of Orpheus since the show’s opening, will sing this tragic tale for the last time on Nov. 19.  Hadestown is a modern retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus, […]

Madelyn Young '25

SNL is Back! –  Pete Davidson Takes Center Stage After the Show’s Six Month Hiatus 

Saturday Night Live has been a weekend staple for millions of households since the show first aired in 1975. However, the past months have been a tumultuous time for members of the entertainment industry, especially the writers. Many writers across the U.S. have been on strike, fighting for fair wages for their hard work, causing […]

Liz Keating '24

Stolen Van Gogh Painting Returned to Detective in Ikea Bag

Typically, one would expect a large, shiny, blue Ikea bag to be filled with delicious Swedish meatballs or affordably priced, yet intensely strenuous, assemble-at-home furniture. However, one undoubtedly special plastic blue Ikea bag was delivered to the home of stolen art detective Arthur Brand a few weeks ago. Sheathed in bubble wrap and tucked inside […]

Claudia Fennell '24

The Golden Bachelor: Seniors Rewrite the Rules of Love on Reality TV

Recently, ABC has departed from the normal format of its well-known and fan-favorite reality dating franchise The Bachelor. This time, they’re focusing on a demographic often overlooked in the world of reality TV: seniors. Meet Gerry Turner, a retired 72-year-old with a newfound zest for life, who is about to embark on a journey to […]

Liz Keating '24

Band Spotlight: LANY

In 2014, what started out as just a casual night out for two guys in Nashville ended with the formation of an indie pop-rock group, LANY, that is now well-known and beloved. The lead singer is Paul Jason Klein and the main guitarist is Jake Clifford Goss. These two are the main contributors to the […]

Riley Coyne ’24