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Strengthening Our Resolve

Strengthening Our Resolve by The Cowl Editorial Board 2020-2021 The first week of the fall semester, The Cowl Editorial Board penned an editorial, placed on the front page of our first issue, in which we aimed to deliver a unifying call to action: if Providence College was to remain open for the duration of the semester, we […]


Calling for Unity amidst COVID Outbreak: A Look at the Recent Actions of PC Students, the College, and the State of RI

Calling for Unity amidst COVID Outbreak A Look at the Recent Actions of PC Students, the College, and the State of RI by Andrea Traietti ’21 Editor-in-Chief   For two weeks now, many of us in the Providence College community have been holding our breath, waiting for the next email update and anxiously checking the […]

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Mid-Pandemic, PC Has Reopened: What Happens Next Is up to Us

by The Cowl Editorial Board, 2020-2021 Friars hold doors is a refrain commonly heard on the Providence College campus. Obviously, and as so many of us know from experience, it refers to the way that members of the PC community always seem so eager to hold the door for one another, even if it means […]

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Social Media is Skewing Our Relationships

by Kelsey Dass ’18 Opinion Staff Just about every other person you meet on a college campus is currently in a relationship, has been in one before, dated, or casually hooked up with another person they have come to really like.  Modern technology and ideologies surrounding dating have diminished the value and significance of relationships […]

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Ending the Stigma

  by Hannah Paxton ’19 Asst. Opinion Editor “Mental illness has nothing to do with if you’ll be successful or not,” said Brown University graduate student, Seth Akers-Campbell. Last Wednesday’s “Inside Mental Illness” event, presented by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, featured Akers-Campbell and other speakers who shared their personal experiences with various mental […]

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The Importance of Being an Ally

by Taylor Godfrey ’19 Opinion Co-Editor When polarizing events happen on campus, it can be difficult to find a way to move on from the discord to a place of love and respect for all students. For those who are not members of marginalized groups, it can be difficult to understand how to help in […]

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Defend the Earth, Save the Coffee

by Lela Biggus ’18 Coffee is in danger and college students are perfectly poised to do something about it. Ethiopia, a country with world-famous coffee beans and an economy highly reliant on coffee exports, is feeling climate change where it hurts. A 2017 study found that 39 to 59 percent of land currently used to […]

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Searching for Privacy in the Age of the Internet

by Kelsey Dass ’18 Opinion Staff For most of history, our society lacked resources to easily access information. From finding another person’s number in the phonebook to conducting research on a distinct disease, it was a tedious challenge. Our advancements in technology have allowed for the internet to be an incredible resource for quick and […]

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Abstain and Gain: the Benefits of Lent

by McKenzie Tavella ’18 Opinion Staff As a Catholic institution, we recognize that many Providence College students observe Lent and have probably learned a thing or two about the religious season throughout the years. There are many traditions that people often overlook or even struggle with during this season, such as deciding what to give […]

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Is Education Changing for the Better?

by Kelsey Dass ’18 Opinion Staff “Common Core is a disaster,” said Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos at the American Enterprise Institute conference on Jan. 16. “At the U.S. Department of Education, Common Core is dead.” For the past eight years, the Common Core State Standards have been the guidebook to educating the youth of […]

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