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PCI: Who Will Win MLB MVP This Season?

Shohei Ohtani & Juan Soto Patrick Walsh ’24 Sports Staff As the new arrival of the MLB season dawns upon us, it is about time to lock in those futures. One of the most exciting future bets to lock in is the Most Valuable Player award. Last season we saw Aaron Judge win with ease […]

Patrick Walsh '24

Sports Picks of the Week

Greetings, my fellow sports bettors. Unfortunately, we have entered the dark days of sports betting. No football means we need to diversify our bets. You have no need to fear, as on top of being a lights out football bettor, I’m also a golf connoisseur. Honestly, we are just starting to hit our stride here. […]

The Cowl Editor

PCI: Who Will Win the 2023 World Baseball Classic?

The United States Will Win Justin Bishop ’24 Sports Staff The World Baseball Classic will take place from March 7-21 in Miami, Florida. The tournament will feature teams from 20 countries around the world. The teams will compete in a pool play format, with five teams in each pool. After four days, the top two […]

Justin Bishop '24

NBA Trade Deadline Recap: A Look Around After All The Chaos

This past week was one that every fan of the NBA has had marked on their calendars from the beginning of the season. The infamous trade deadline. The NBA trade deadline rarely comes and goes quietly. It is a culmination of teams forfeiting the hope they started the season with, contenders trying to find that […]

Joe Quirk '23

Tom Brady’s Career Comes to an End

Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying the astonishing impact that Tom Brady’s 23-year career has had on not only the NFL, but the entire world of professional sports. The video game-like domination that was Tom Brady’s career in the NFL is now only a memory, and we may never see […]

Luke Sweeney '24

NHL Redzone on Saturday

With the all-star break concluded, the push for the playoffs has officially begun for the NHL. This season we have seen the Boston Bruins make history as the second-quickest team to reach 30 wins in NHL history, and the fastest team to collect 80 points of all time. We have also seen underdog teams, including […]

Patrick Walsh '24

Sports Betting Picks of the Week

Aidan Bennett ’24 First of all, it’s a travesty that a team as grotesque as the Philadelphia Eagles is  allowed to play football games in January. They should have been taken care of by the New York Giants last week, but the NFL seemed to have had their own side agenda to spite the great […]

Joseph Quirk