What is The Alembic? PC’s Literary Journal

by Sarah McLaughlin '23


by Sarah McLaughlin ’23

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of PC’s clubs and organizations were impacted in terms of lowered membership and name recognition. The Alembic, a literary journal which publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, and literary interviews written by PC students and writers from all over the world, is managed and edited by students on campus and was similarly affected. I spoke with The Alembic’s editors-in-chief, Emma Snelgrove ’23 and Morgan Stoffel ’23, who hope to spread the word about The Alembic as an opportunity for PC students.

The Alembic typically publishes once a year, though during the pandemic, their work was postponed, and they have recently published one combined 2020-2022 issue. Their yearly issue is printed in the spring, and they host a launch party for faculty, students, and writers whose work they publish. For students involved in editing the journal, it counts as a one-credit course.

Stoffel, a marketing major and writing minor, and Snelgrove, a political science major and English minor, both oversee and advise the editing team. They joined The Alembic last year. “It’s been cool to work on the press side,” Stoffel says. Their role also involves advertising and marketing the journal. “The Alembic has given me a lot of foundational exposure and experience in this industry that I will carry with me for the rest of my career,” Snelgrove says. “It’s been great to see and review great literature, and I feel as if it has made me a better writer in the process.”

In the coming years, they hope to see more student involvement in The Alembic. “Truthfully, we weren’t aware of what The Alembic was until a professor brought it to our attention, so we are hoping to get the word out there.” They want to see more students interested in the editing side as well as submitting their creative writing. “Within The Alembic, we are hoping to create a community of editors on campus, who can come together regardless of their major/minor to create a compelling and engrossing journal.”

Students looking to get involved can join as a student editor. Any student can also submit their work to alembic@providence.edu or The Alembic’s mailbox, located in the English Department office in Ruane.

Featured Friar: Matthew Petry ’21

by Sarah McLaughlin '23


Petry ’21 is thankful for the memories he has made during his three years at PC. Photo courtesy of Matthew Petry ’21.

by Max Waite ’21

News Staff

For all incoming students at Providence College, the process of getting involved with the various organizations on campus can be quite intimidating. However, getting involved with the school community is important, as it can pave the way toward many amazing experiences. By gradually developing their own networks, students have the ability to access more and more of these opportunities.

During the past three years, Matthew Petry ’21 has seized the vast amount of resources and opportunities that the College has to offer.

Growing up in Southborough, Massachusetts, Petry attended St. John’s High School, where he was involved with the football and hockey programs. Additionally, he regularly volunteered for the Be Like Brit Foundation, which leads volunteer efforts for disaster and humanitarian relief. As a volunteer for this organization, Petry traveled to Haiti for one week to learn about the Haitian culture, to build homes, and to help children within the community.

Petry stated, “The whole experience was incredibly moving. I was incredibly taken aback. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to help others, and it will be something that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

During the college decision process, Petry wanted to find a similar environment to that of his high school. Petry said, “What was really important for me was the size of the campus. I noticed on my tour and through visits to PC that everyone was really friendly. It was a close-knit campus community with a Division I athletic program and a great business school. I knew that PC was the right fit for me and that I could adapt to campus life smoothly.”

Petry is studying both finance and accountancy in the Providence College School of Business, where, recently, he has been active as the healthcare sector portfolio manager in the new club Student-Led Asset Management (SLAM). Petry said, “This has been a very exciting experience. I enjoy helping students learn the fundamentals and guide them to pitch stocks they believe we should buy.”

Additionally, Petry has been an equity analyst for the Student Managed Investment Fund class in both the industrial and communications sectors, respectively.

Recently, Petry was named co-president of the Finance Society alongside Liam Faulkner ’21. Petry stated, “Our vision together is to really try and expose all the students that are a part of Finance Society to as many career paths as possible. There are so many career paths within financial services, and it is hard to receive exposure to all of them.”

To add to Petry’s impressive resume and involvement within the school community, he has been a student mentor, an Admissions Ambassador, team captain for his group of four students at the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) challenge, and has a channel on PC’s radio station, WDOM 91.3.

As an Admission Ambassador, Petry gets to meet potential new students and inform them of all that Friartown has to offer. Petry added, “It’s interesting to think that I was in these students’ position only a few years ago. I love Providence College, so I thought it would be helpful to guide high school students during this process while sharing my own experiences.”

Petry has done a remarkable job in this position, and he encourages students to learn more about joining the team.
During his freshman year, Petry and some of his friends started a radio show. By tuning into Petry’s station on Saturdays from 6-8 p.m., active and admiring listeners can experience a wide range of music from country, to rock, to rap, to R&B, along with side commentary about current events on campus.

Petry added, “The radio show has been a great opportunity for me to access a creative outlet. My friends and I all have an absolute blast, and I will cherish the memories for a really long time.”

As the ambiguity of the outcome for this school year clouds the thoughts of the entire PC community, Petry reminisces on his favorite memories in Friartown. Petry stated, “My favorite memory at Providence College was my freshman year when the men’s basketball team took down Villanova at the Dunk. I’ll never forget storming the court with all my friends, and seeing the giant cloud of pink shirts fill up the arena.”

In terms of what Petry will miss, he says, “I will miss the community as a whole (which I already do currently). I will miss seeing everyone that I don’t normally see or wouldn’t normally talk to. I’ve made a great group of friends over my past three years, and for now, I really look forward to spending more time with them and making more memories.”

Matthew Petry’s journey through Friartown should serve as an inspiration to all those who wish to make the most out of their Providence College experience. Involvement is key, for PC has opened many doors for him, including his recently accepted position at Citizens Financial Group as an investment banking analyst in their Boston office.