April Show(er)s

by John Downey '23 on April 8, 2022
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April Show(er)s

A Multitude of Musical Events Coming to Providence

Jack Downey ’23

For fans of local music at Providence College, this article will surely put a smile on your face. This month, a number of concerts are set to take place in the city of Providence.

Later tonight, April 7, there will be a small indie rock concert at local bar and performance venue AS220. The acts featured are Orange Peel Mystic, Wave Goodbye, HiFi, and Moonbasket. Wave Goodbye and Moonbasket both feature Providence College students, so readers should definitely stop by to support their fellow students. The price of admission is $10.

April 8 is also set to be an exciting night, as local powerhouses Jade Tourniquet, Eclipse, and Area 401 will play a barn-burning show at Dusk, a cool venue on the outskirts of town. These bands, particularly Jade Tourniquet and Eclipse, are gaining some serious momentum in the scene and are sure to impress.

The performances only get bigger from there. On April 9 and 10, there will be concerts at Alchemy, one of Providence’s premier venues. The spacious room boasts a wide dance floor and a large, elevated stage. The April 9 concert features two touring bands, Bottom Bracket and Past Life, as well as local openers From Trees, The Gotham Lights, and grizzlies. This eclectic bill is sure to pack a punch and is definitely a must-see event. The April 10 show features an even wider array of music, including emo (Depopulate Montana), grunge (The Gotham Lights), rap (JDRevenge), and a mixture of all three (Trve Goth). 

The fun at Alchemy does not stop there, however. On April 13, hardcore legends 7 Seconds and Negative Approach will tear through the venue. Joining them will be local screamers Bullet Proof Backpack and Catalyst. Both of these Rhode Island-based bands have been making some big waves throughout the Northeast, so this show is bound to be pure, blissful chaos. If the ensuing mosh pits do not destroy the building, then Alchemy is indestructible. 

Towards the end of the month, a truly exciting event is set to take place in Providence courtesy of local booking company Small Victories Entertainment. Small Victories is known for their exciting and energetic events. For instance, they have hosted multiple shows at The Strand, one of the biggest venues in Providence, for acts such as Trippy Redd. On April 28 and 29, Small Victories is hosting a grand event: SVSW, or Small Victories Spring Week. The April 28 portion of the event will occur at Fete Music Hall and feature a stellar list of local bands, including Providence legend Chance Emerson and his band The Clementines, which is managed by Providence College alum Will Best ’21, crowd-pleasers Falling Walrus, and upcoming indie artist Spencer Barnett. Considering how crazy Thursday nights can get, this concert will certainly be able to hold its own.

The April 29 show is set to go even harder: on this night, the proceedings will take place downtown at the Strand. While the event’s lineup has yet to be announced, it will likely feature acts that are more oriented around an electronic sound, such as DJs. Tickets for this show—which are sold in tiers, with each tier consisting of different levels of access and exclusive opportunities—have been flying off the metaphorical shelves, with many all-access passes already sold out. It is without a doubt that Small Victories is one of the more professional booking agencies in the area, so these concerts are sure to be insane.

Finally, WDOM’s annual Stuartstock is officially set to happen on PC’s campus on the afternoon of April 29. While an official lineup has yet to be announced, based on the wide variety of musical talent at PC, this iteration of Stuartstock will be one to remember, with numerous acts ready to take the stage. In addition,  the Presto Strange-O truck will once again be making an appearance, and there will be pizza, cookies, and specialized merch available.

The day after Stuartstock is set to be even bigger, with BOP’s spring concert featuring pop star Quinn XCII. He will be performing an intimate set in Peterson Recreation Center, and PC students’ anticipation is through the roof.

There are many more musical events currently in the works at PC and throughout Rhode Island, but these events are sure to tide music fans over in the meantime.