Friartire: Showing How You Really Feel

by Connor Zimmerman on February 14, 2020


by Lil Wit ’21

The mushiest, most lovey-dovey, better-not-be-alone-because-that-sucks day of the year (unless you want to be conventional and remember that this day is actually the feast day for a saint who was martyred for the sake of spreading the Catholic faith and is esteemed in the eyes of the Church to be canonized and revered for his example of dedication to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ) is upon us. Valentine’s Day is arguably—and by arguably, I mean that if you argue against this, you’ll lose—an overly-commercialized day, but it provides us with an excuse to remind the people whom we love that we love them.  However, Valentine’s Day also brings the dreaded responsibility of getting a thoughtful gift for your significant other.  So, we hit the sidewalks to see what ideas PC students have for Valentine’s Day gifts.  Sophomore Fred Drick offered this advice: “A homemade gift is the way to go. Usually they’re less expensive and if your S.O. hates it, it’s not like they can return it, but they can still see you tried. I’ve used old Cowls to make a few paper-mâché life-sized replicas of my girlfriend in the past, and she hasn’t said anything negative about it yet, so I take that as a green light.  But you want to be really good at paper-mache if you’re going to do that or else she’ll think you think she’s ugly. Whatever you do, make sure it comes from the heart and not Hallmark. Don’t feed the capitalist beast.”