Friartown Runs on Dunkin’: Dunkin’ in Slavin Undergoes Big Renovation

by The Cowl Editor on March 21, 2019


The Dunkin’ in Slavin has been updated with more room and new equipment.

Hannah Langley ’21

News Co-Editor

We all know the slogan “America Runs on Dunkin’,” but as any member of the Providence College community well knows, so does Friartown.

Over spring break, from March 10-17, the College has worked on newly renovating and remodeling the Dunkin’ located in Lower Slavin. The extensive changes made throughout the facility are all designed to help promote customer service and make going to Dunkin’ a more convenient and enjoyable experience for the whole PC community.

The remodel has been in the works for nearly a year now, as John Sweeney, senior vice president of finance and business, explained. 

The franchise itself came to the College with the idea for the redesign of its facilities, Sweeney explained, saying, “In addition to new menu items and better service, Dunkin’ wanted to consolidate their equipment and storage in one spot,” as it had been spread throughout Slavin and Alumni before the remodel.

All the new equipment and facilities in the newly renovated coffee stop were provided by Dunkin’, including the equipment, displays, and point of purchase equipment.

People walking through lower Slavin may first notice the new “Friartown Runs on Dunkin’” signage at the top of the newly placed pick-up window and the cold coffee and tea selections on tap.

The remodel also includes a new window, which allows for separate designated order and pick-up locations. The new window and repositioning of the line is intended to create less traffic for those getting their morning or afternoon pick-me-up, allowing them to do so in a faster and more efficient manner.

Along with the redesign and new equipment, Dunkin’ has also implemented more menu items and the ability to place mobile orders. These additions, Sweeney hopes, “will allow better service and products desired by our students, faculty, staff, and guests.”

The Dunkin’ remains under its current management, Dan’s Management, a company which, according to Sweeney, operates several other Dunkin’ establishments  in Rhode Island. The company will be bringing in extra staff throughout the next few weeks in order to assist with training current and new employees with operating the new equipment and getting used to the new facilities.

Sweeney discussed how the remodel has opened opportunities to change not only Dunkin’s operation and design, but also its hours. “We are open to considering shift in hours based on actual demands and student interest,” said Sweeney. 

For those interested in giving their input, Sweeney encourages students to contact the division of student affairs or the food service committee of Student Congress.

Both Sweeney and Steven Sears, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students, agree that the remodel will be beneficial to the College and will help enhance the PC experience. 

Sears discussed his hopes that the remodel will encourage the PC students, faculty, and staff to spend more time in the Slavin Center and make spending time there an enjoyable experience.

“The changes were made,” stated Sears, “to assist with costumer service, more food items being offered, and a continued effort to have the community in the Slavin Center.” He says he is excited that the College is working towards continuously meeting the needs of the PC community.

While the Dunkin’ remodel is a large step towards building and updating PC, Sweeney discussed how initiatives toward updating facilities are far from over. 

According to Sweeney, students can look forward to exciting renovations over the next several years, including redoing ’64 Hall, expanding the Career Center, continuing renovations on Sowa, and the second phase of the Ruane Friar Development Center.

For now, however, the renovations of the Dunkin’ have received positive feedback from the PC community. 

Korey Lord ’21 talked about his impression of the new renovations, saying how he thinks the new Dunkin’ is a great addition to Slavin. He was also impressed with the new features the Dunkin’ provides, saying, “The ability to order on-the-go is so helpful for everyone.” He is excited to go to Dunkin’ more often. 

With all the new changes and improvements made, the Dunkin’ will most likely continue to draw its massive line of coffee-driven students every day.