by The Cowl Editor on November 1, 2018


by Eliana Lopez ’22

She’s hung up on her ex
Not ready to let you
Into the inner workings of her heart
While the traces of his intention still linger in the edge of all her scars

Try not to take it personally
The way she holds you
Then changes her mind
She just can’t get accustomed to the difference
The weight of all you’re willing to give her is far more
Than the boy before you ever even offered

So don’t take it personally
There’s little she can do to erase him
So she’s letting time take control
Letting the minutes, hours, days, and nights
Without him
Rust the edges of her that he lay claim to

Silhouette of woman holding her head
Graphic design by Connor Zimmerman ’20

But for now she chose you to make her feel shiny
Refusing to let you take her away before she’s even her own again
Letting you lose yourself in her
To replace the part of her she lost in him

Don’t take it personally
Don’t get angry for what he took
For what she cannot give you

Be cautious
What she doesn’t have she will find in you
What she wants she will take from you
And odds are you will give and give and give
Like I gave and gave and gave
Until you’re
A shell of yourself
Taking from someone else
What she took from you