Fast Fiction: Dream First Date

by Connor Zimmerman on February 14, 2020


Love spelled out in red glittery letters
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In six words or less write a story about your dream first date… Go!

Only us drowned in candlelight.
by Grace O’Connor ’22


A good laugh…all I need.
by Erin Venuti ’20


Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and…
by Connor Zimmerman ’20


They laugh together, and she’s happy.
Clara Howard ’20


Stole my heart, then my wallet.
by Kate Ward ’23


Ends with plans for a second.
by Sarah McLaughlin ’23

Fast Fiction: What Scares You the Most?

by The Cowl Editor on November 1, 2019


A spider obscured by shadows
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In 14 words or less “What Scares You the Most?” Go!

An email comes from the Bursar’s Office: tuition due by the first.
by Daniel Carrero ’23

The shower upstairs turns on, but I thought I was home alone…
by Sam Pellman ’20

Spider—crawls away, out of sight…lurks still in mind.
by Sarah McLaughlin ’23

To die alone and unloved.
by Elizabeth McGinn ’21

At night, you’re home alone. The power goes out. You hear a voice.
by Sarah Kirchner ’21

Neither graveyards, nor goblins, not even ghouls. Just my midterm grades from this school.
by Connor Zimmerman ’20

Fast Fiction: What is the True Meaning of Christmas?

by The Cowl Editor on December 8, 2018


Celebrating together and never alone.
by Sam Pellman ’20

Charlie brown with his Christmas tree by Snoopy and his doghouse
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This ugly year is over, Christmas oncoming.
by Sam Ward ’21


Playing in the snow at 21 years old.
by Dawyn Henriquez ’19



Children experiencing the magic of believing.
by Gabriela Baron ’20



A way to keep Santa fed.
by Sarah Kirchner ’21


Insuring your roof from reindeer damage.
by Connor Zimmerman ’20