August 18, 2017

Student Research and Creativity Celebrated

  • Campus | May.04, 2017

    Student Research and Creativity Celebrated

    by Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff Among the core requirements and proficiencies that students are expected to complete throughout their academic career, there are many opportunities that allow students to explore their passions through academic work. The Celebration of Student…

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  • Campus | Apr.27, 2017

    Air Conditioning in Aquinas?

    by Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff With the Campus Transformation of Providence College in full swing, changes around campus have been occurring left and right. With the addition and renovations of academic buildings and the incorporation of Huxley Avenue, it…

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  • Features | Apr.06, 2017

    Friar Flashback: Commencement

    by Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff Commencement is a celebration of all that students have learned and worked for during their education at Providence College. This celebratory event is the last event that the graduating class has with one another.…

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  • News | Mar.23, 2017

    Off-Campus Beat: Paris’ Airport Attack

    by Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff A total of 1,441 terrorist attacks occurred worldwide in 2016. These attacks resulted in 14,356 fatalities. Though it is less than three months into 2017, there have already been 293 attacks with a total…

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  • News | Mar.17, 2017

    Students Participate in a Spring Break of Service: Global Service Learning Trips

    by Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff Typically, Spring Break is a time when you take a break from classes and relax. Whether you sit on the beach in the sun or go home to unwind, Spring Break is often seen…

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  • News | Mar.03, 2017

    PC Officer Gives Free Life Advice to Students

    by Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff The skills that people acquire throughout their lives can be put to use in many different ways. Providence College Security Officer Chris Baxter is a prime example of this, and wants to see students…

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  • News | Feb.17, 2017

    Housing Changes Coming for 2017

    by Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff There are many factors that affect what an average college student worries about throughout the day. Keeping up with classes, spending time with friends, and participating in extra-curriculars constantly preoccupy the mind of the…

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  • News | Feb.10, 2017

    Preview: Alumni & Family Weekend ’17

    By Gabriela Pisano ’18 News Staff With Providence College celebrating its Centennial year, there have been many special events happening throughout the school year. There are also annual events like Alumni & Family Weekend, which  celebrates the Friar Family and…

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  • News | Feb.03, 2017

    Off-Campus Beat: Immigration Ban

    By Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff This past week all news sources, from newspapers to social media, have been full of stories about President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. On Friday, January 27, President Trump signed an executive order that  affected…

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  • News | Jan.27, 2017

    Friar Flashback: The COWL

      by Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff While the Internet may be a source of news for many, newspapers continue to be one of the more reputable places to find factual news about events. Many different newspapers exist, providing a…

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