Monster Haikus

by The Cowl Editor on October 29, 2020


Churning, black whirlpool
Or six-headed snapping jaws—
The hero must choose.

by Sarah McLaughlin ’23


I crawl black of night
I howl the full of the moon
I am one of you

by Marelle Hipolito ’22


Now I lay me down,
I wish he would let me sleep.
Demon of my life.

by Sam Ward ’21


Sat under the bridge
Awaiting their next victim.
Snarl. The trolls gather. 

by Sarah Kirchner ’21


My color scares you.
You think I am a monster.
Yet, you scare me more.

by Mariela Flores ’23


Lurking in the loch
vestige of another time
the last of her kind

by Elizabeth McGinn ’21


Dark shadows flash around.
Weaving in and out of trees––
Footprints left behind

by Anna Pomeroy ’23


Without any light
Darkness lurks like a monster
Preying on my fears.

by Sarah Heavren ’21


Dancing and taunting
His father trained him too well
The Boogeyman’s son

by Ellie Forster ’24


The vampires all fly,
Eagerly searching for meals.
Where will they hunt next?

by Taylor Rogers ’24


He wonders, “why me?”
Eyes on the moon, desolate
Soon, screams turn to howls

by Kate Ward ’23