Building Successful Careers and Good Character: Adam Posner Inspires PC Students at Leadership Conference

by The Cowl Editor on November 7, 2019


by Peter Mazzella ’22

News Staff

On Saturday, November 2, Providence College welcomed a very decorated speaker, Andy Posner, to speak about personal branding, beliefs and achieving goals at the Rhode Island Conference on Values-Based Leadership. Posner founded the Capital Good Fund, which is a certified non-profit that helps fight poverty. By providing financial assistance to low income families, he has helped change the lives of thousands of people.

One thing that distinguishes Posner’s financial assistance program from other programs is that his work is done right here in the Providence area. He has been featured in Providence Business News, Providence Phoenix, The Bank of Boston’s Federal Reserve, and countless other sources. 

After receiving his masters from Brown University, he realized the problems low income families were facing in the Rhode Island area. This influenced his decision to enter the microfinance field and start the Capital Good Fund.

Upon his graduation from Brown, the economy was in shambles. The Financial Crisis of 2008 hit and  devastated low income families. Posner took action and risked his own savings to lend money to those who had been affected by the crisis.

By not only providing financial assistance but also personal coaching along with his team, Posner has turned many lives around for the better and worked hard to expand his organization.

Environmental conservation is something that Posner holds close to his heart. He spent five years traveling without a car and realized alternative ways of transportation. 

Posner is always looking for new solutions to modern day problems like climate change. His extensive work in turning around economically challenged families lives, as well as helping in the greater scheme of things such as global warming, makes him a very accomplished man and a perfect candidate to speak to PC students.

During his keynote this weekend, Posner offered multiple workshops that encouraged students to take a look at what they value and believe in, and how that can influence what goals one sets for oneself. 

The influence of personal beliefs on goals for the future is something that is important to remember down the line, when applying to jobs, and directing the course you want your life to take. 

Some of the participants went into seminar classrooms, where they created a short speech to present to a partner who was a part of theYear Up Program as well as discussing unconscious bias. This raised awareness for something that is done every day without even realizing it. 

By putting a spotlight on society and how people judge others, it is important to block these thoughts that intervene with our perceptions of others.

Posner is a family man, too. When he is not on the job, he loves to spend time with his wife and son. They enjoy hiking together as a family, as well as playing with their dog. 

To unwind, Posner writes poetry, and has even been nominated for one of his poems in the 2019 Pushcart Poetry Prize. His busy lifestyle is something he is proud of, and it keeps his mind active and healthy.

By learning the importance of self-realization and unconscious bias, students were able to learn to value their beliefs as well as to see others as equals, which is an opportunity that does not present itself often. This mentality is one that is hard to achieve, but once it is accomplished, a new sense of fulfillment can be reached. 

Posner is an individual who seeks the best in others and has made a difference in the community. He looks to make a difference worldwide.

Posner is the founder of the Capital Good Fund.
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