McPhail’s Hosts Huxley Hangout: BOP and Campus Ministry Collaborate on a Memorable Event

by Kaitlyn Hladik '25 on February 10, 2023
News Staff


McPhail’s had a “pawty” on Tuesday night co-sponsored by the Board of Programmers and Campus Ministry: “Huxley Hangout,” an event that included stuff-a-Hux, doggy bags, Scooby snacks, and “pupcakes.” 

The event was a major hit and many people were able to adopt stuffed Huxley plushies or take part in some painting activities. McPhail’s remained crowded for a couple of hours with people from all around campus. Campus Ministry was represented by several Peer Ministry groups at the event that were advertising the kickoff of the second semester of Peer Ministry on the week of Feb. 6. 

Stuff-A-Hux was a major draw to the event. Everyone who was able to receive a Huxley was excited to leave with their new pup. The fact that they ran out so quickly is a testament to how successful the event was. 

Attendees also enjoyed sweet treats from DeLuise Bakery, located on Chalkstone Ave. in Providence. 

Chris Azar ’24, a member of BOP and Campus Ministry, spearheaded the event. 

“While I worked really hard on this event and I’ve been planning this event for several months, I never expected such a great turnout,” Azar said. “I am so honored by the love and support I received from the PC community for my event, and I am looking forward to planning more events in the future that celebrate friendship and fun!” 

Student-made doggy bags proved to be popular amongst attendees. On the table were Huxley keychains, curly straws with pawprints, and snacks. One student expressed that she was especially excited about the Scooby Doo doggy treats, as they brought a sense of nostalgia to the event. 

A member of the Class of 2023 who attended the event said, “I think this event was very meaningful to help better understand the traditions here at PC, as well as a great time to hang out with my friends.” 

The tradition of Huxley dates back to the use of Dalmations in the Dominican tradition, stemming from a dream St. Dominic’s mother had of a dog with a torch in its mouth setting the world on fire prior to his birth. BOP and Campus Ministry were able to make an enjoyable event drawing on these historical traditions. 

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: Phillips Memorial Library Partners with National Newspapers

by The Cowl Editor on February 14, 2019


The newspaper remains a reliable source of information.

by Kelly Martella ’21

News Staff

Newspapers offer unique perspectives and historical contexts that can only be found in periodicals, and now millions of pages of them are readily available online. At Providence College, this ability has recently been made even easier due to the library’s recent partnerships.

Phillips Memorial Library recently purchased campus-wide licenses to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal websites. Both newspapers have been in publication since the mid-19th century and are currently the 2nd and 3rd largest in U.S. circulation, respectively.

There was a time when reading the newspaper was the only way for people to keep up with current events. Morning and evening papers would be delivered to the front door twice a day, keepng the public informed about breaking news in their communities and from around the world. 

While this was the norm only a few decades ago, it now seems archaic to younger generations, college students in particular.

As the world becomes more digitized, it may seem like there is a lesser need for newspapers. This may be true in the physical sense — people are now more likely to scroll through articles on the Internet than actually flip through the paper. 

But even in the  world of Twitter feeds and Facebook updates, a newspaper can still be one of the most reliable sources of information.

Recognizing this modern dilemma, and in an effort to evolve in the digital world, almost all newspapers are now accessible online. This is not only true of issues that are currently being published, but many sites include past publications with articles spanning throughout history. 

Content from these publications is already available to the PC community via the library’s databases, however, the new partnership will allow direct access to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal websites. 

There are many benefits of this added feature.  Assistant Library Director Sarah Edmonds explained, “Access to their websites allows for browsing and a more immediate, dynamic experience.” 

These are great academic resources, and many students utilize the already existing databases for research purposes. However, the new partnership has a wide range of benefits beyond academics, and the library hopes the community will take the opportunity to explore them. 

“We know that they are great tools for teaching, as well as professional and personal growth and civic engagement,” said Edmonds. “We hope that many members of the PC community will take advantage of these partnerships.”

These services will be available free of charge to everyone in the PC community—students, staff, and faculty. 

To sign up, contact Edmonds, or stop by Phillips Memorial Library to get more information.