Performative Activism Sucks Ass

by trogers5 on February 17, 2022


woman holding a sign in protest
photo creds: pixabay

Taylor Rogers ’24


Performativity’s persuasive lies pour out of your pale mouth, 

Claims that are far from true stretching out your already thin lips.

The more you speak, the more my stomach resembles a worn-out washing machine, 

Churning your chilling words and soiling already clean clothes. 


Each second feels like days as you speak,

Continuing to weave your white web filled with white lies,

Encouraging wrongful interpretations of a movement you know nothing about. 

Despite never wearing my hole-filled Converse,

You preach that your journey and mine have been the same, 

Spreading your hateful light that constantly dims my own. 


You turn a movement that was meant to be colorful into one that highlights a sinister white, 

Speaking to an experience you have never actually lived. 

While your aim is to teach, what you do is far from effective, 

As you erase the stories that need to be told with your made-up fantasies of being a savior.