Club Spotlight: SEAC

by The Cowl Editor on February 17, 2017


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by Sarah Gianni ’18

News Staff

Last week the city of Providence experienced a mild 50 degree day followed 24 hours later by a blistering cold snowstorm. Changes in the environment have been apparent all across the country, and it is imperative to start paying attention to them.

At Providence College, the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) is not only conscious of these environmental changes, but they are striving to take action.

“Our mission is to educate ourselves and the greater PC community about existing environmental issues, to make PC a more sustainable campus, and to increase interest in and respect for our environment,” said Co-President Angela Mascena ’17.

Mascena, ggh along withgggg Co-President Shannon Law-Clark ’17, leads a club of about 20 members.

The club sponsors agg series of events every year such as decorating a recycling bin, activities in honor of world water week, and local beach cleanups. The club also hosts other special events that differ from year to year.

“This past December we held an info session and Q&A about the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy,” said Mascena. “We had two guest speakers from the Fighting Against Natural Gas (FANG) Collaborative who lived and worked at the camps and protested at Standing Rock earlier in 2016.”

SEAC also organizes regular trips to local farmers’ markets and sponsors nature hikes to promote environment appreciation.

In looking towards environmental issues on a national level, SEAC believes that these events cannot be dismissed. “We are genuinely concerned about the lack of attention the environment is currently getting from the White House,” said Mascena. “We believe that, for the sake of our planet and the future of the species that reside on it, sustainability needs to be a priority on the national and international level.”

SEAC meets most Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in Feinstein 315. For those who are interested in joining, email SEAC secretary Mitch Schrich ’18 at