Congress Updates

by The Cowl Editor on February 17, 2017


Photo Courtesy of

by Tim Sullivan ’17

Student Congress Publicity Chair


Congress welcomed Jennifer Dorn ’18, campus coordinator for Teach for America (TFA). Dorn was lucky enough to join the TFA team to help recruit PC’s best and brightest aspiring teachers.

The program requires participants to commit two years after college to teach students in impoverished school districts where 80 percent of students do not go on to attend college. Along with full benefits, teachers are given extensive cultural agility training and proper course certification instruction.

Students of all majors are encouraged to get involved, as they believe a core of diverse teachers leads to success in the classroom. For students who are interested, please contact by March 3.



This coming Friday, several members of the 67th will be attending a lunch with Father Shanley, O.P., to discuss many topics; from the upcoming Black & White Ball to the recent diversity initiatives PC has undertaken.

The Class of 2017 will be holding their “117 Nights ’Till Graduation” event on Feb. 24, with tickets being sold at $5 and semi-formal dress encouraged. Sophomores were encouraged to join the SRW Core, and all those who are interested should contact Caroline Cook ’19, as soon as possible.

Old & New Business

Publicity member Sabrina Guilbeault ’18 continued to work on her New Student Coupon Booklet. Guilbeault shared that PC Card Office could not make the coupon booklet accessible via PC ID swipes, but was optimistic it could happen in the near future. The piece was also changed to include not only freshmen, but all new students (transfers included). The legislation was passed.

New Business was introduced this week by Class of 2018 Representative Mike Bartels ’18 in regard to changing the language of the student handbook pertaining to alcohol paraphernalia. Bartel’s goal was to minimize the grey area that currently exists, and hopes that the legislation will lighten up stress and paperwork for both students and residence life. The legislation will be voted on next week.

Next Week

Next week, Fr. Peter Martyr, O.P., will be attending the meeting to continue discussions from his visit last semester. All students are welcome to attend at 5:30 p.m. in Ruane LL05.