BMSA Letters of Intent

by The Cowl Editor on March 23, 2017


BMSA President:

Marcie Mai – Class of 2018

Photo courtesy of Marcie Mai ’18


BMSA helped me rediscover and accept myself, and showed me what I had to offer to the PC community. Coming from high school, I felt like a scattered puzzle with pieces missing. I didn’t know who I was or who I wanted to be. I had a hard time letting anyone in and trusting others. BMSA has broken that barrier for me. During my freshman year I was able to bond with BMSA members and I was able to slowly open up about my struggles I was overcoming about transitioning from high school to college. One thing I have learned from BMSA is that regardless of everyone’s different backgrounds, we all have the same struggles and fears. I can’t say that my puzzle is completely finished, but I can say that BMSA is a piece of my puzzle that I will never forget. I am very proud and humble to be a part of the BMSA family. I hope by serving as President of BMSA I will be a part of creating a community where all students feel accepted and can flourish.


BMSA Vice President:

Fartun Abdulle, Class of 2019


I am running for BMSA’s Vice President in hopes to take BMSA toward a direction of community activism and solidarity for everyone who it stands for. As Vice President, I aim to foster a community which embraces diversity and promotes a unique sense of living in each others’ shared experiences. As one of the major clubs on campus, BMSA deserves to be recognized as the leading organization that brings such a diverse and amazing group of individuals together with such a wide spectrum of personalities. My position as Vice President will allow me to spread our mission to the general public of Providence College and allow the organization itself to reach a position of even greater influence. BMSA has been one of the most accepting places for me at Providence College which I am extremely grateful for, meaning that I will do anything in my power to extend the same support to current and future members of the club.


BMSA Secretary:

Amie Mbye – Class of 2018

Photo of Amie Mbye ’18

To whom it may concern:

My name is Amie Mbye and I am part of the Class of 2018. I am currently a Global Studies and Economics double major with a double minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies. I am running for the Secretary for the Board of Multicultural Students Affairs (BMSA).

I have decided to run for Secretary of BMSA because people have worked hard for many years to make it as great of an organization as it is today. I want to help to continue the great impact BMSA has on the Providence College because BMSA has had such a positive and meaningful impact on my college experience so I want to do all I can to give back to it.

My problem-solving skills and my strong sense of responsibility are what would make me a great fit for this position. I get things done when they need to be done and I am also a very approachable person. I really want to give back to this organization what it has given me which include support and new friends, by being the new Secretary. I hope to be considered for this position. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.



Amie Mbye


BMSA Treasurer:

Chalayna Smart – Class of 2018

Photo of Chalayna Smart ’18

I am running for treasurer of BMSA because I value leadership on this campus just as much as I value BMSA. BMSA has always been important to me and I want to be a bigger part of the influence that BMSA has on this campus. While being here at Providence College I have been exposed to the power that BMSA has in terms of influence on this campus. I hope to help BMSA expand that power and spread awareness and my love for culture with the entire campus.

I am a leader on campus in many aspects and have gained the respect of my peers and administration. I, if elected, am looking forward to gaining more respect and trust from those around me. I want to be a part of the unity that continues to grow on this campus.