Congress Letters of Intent

by The Cowl Editor on March 23, 2017


Congress President:

Michael Bartels – Class of 2018

Photo courtesy of Michael Bartels ’18

To whom it may concern:

I’d like to begin by thanking the people who inspired me to run for president. In my three years at PC, I have met many an inspiring soul, the people who seek to do the right thing, at the right time, because it is the right thing to do. They are the reason why I run.

I was first elected as a sophomore class representative, where I stood for Aquinas Hall residents concerned about floor fines. As a junior, I became class treasurer, where I advocated for campaign finance reform and questioned our policies for write-ups. These weren’t always what people wanted to hear but students were concerned, and I represented them anyway.

Ultimately, I have two goals. First, I wish to represent the student body honestly. I will continue to represent the students, even when their concerns aren’t what policy makers want to hear. Second, I want to give back to the school, and the Congress, which has given so much to me thus far.

Fellow students, you have given me so much to appreciate. Now, I want to give back.


Phionna Claude – Class of 2018

Photo courtesy of Phionna Claude ’18


Hello Everyone! My name is Phionna Claude, and it is with great enthusiasm that I announce my final campaign for election as Student Congress Executive President! The past three years at Providence College have been shaped by numerous friendships, experiences, and in particular, my service on Congress as former class president both freshman and sophomore year and as executive vice president my junior year. My journey on Congress has certainly been an opportunity and job that I take seriously and find tremendously rewarding. It would be with your blessing and approval that I would have one last chance to serve and guide my peers in a greater capacity. My passion for strengthening Friartown has always been a priority and I believe that with the relationships I have formed with students, faculty, and administration that I will be most successful in establishing effective lines of communications and trusting relationships among everyone. I take pride and find joy through assisting others in developing or enhancing their voices, and I am confident in my abilities in not only leading a reliable Congress but also the entire student body. I strongly believe that our days at PC are influenced by the decisions we make and the diverse personalities that construct them. Therefore, with experience, passion, and integrity, I anticipate and would be honored to serve my community once last time. Thank you PC.


Congress Vice President:

Cassandra Caggiano – Class of 2018

Photo courtesy of Cassandra Caggiano ’18

Hi my name is Cassandra Caggiano. Over the past three years on Student Congress, I have served as a class representative on the Publicity and Legislative Affairs committee, which has shaped my experience at PC.  
I am running for executive vice president because I hope to lead Congress to continue to positively impact our campus.

I have been honored to be named Congress Rookie of the Year, Sophomore of the Year, and Emerging Student Leader of the Year. None of these accomplishments would be possible without the support I’ve received from Congress and now I want to give back. I envision being an advocate for our campus, just as I have been with my work on the boards of Active Minds and Women in Business. I will push Congress to be a team in every sense of the word. We fight for what we believe in, represent our school, push ourselves to be the best, and lift each other when times get tough.

I hope you can see my passion and confidence to make the 68th Student Congress the best for the campus and community!

Go Friars from Italy!


Jenna Shanley – Class of 2018

Photo courtesy of Jenna Shanley ’18

My name is Jenna Shanley. I am currently a junior here at Providence College, and I am running for the position of executive vice president for Student Congress. I bring to the table experience and passion for this club. I have been a part of Student Congress since my freshman year. As a freshman and a junior, I have had the experience of being Vice President for the Class of 2018. With that, I know and understand the requirements and importance of these positions and plan to apply what I have learned to the executive position. I consider Providence my home. If elected, I plan to treat the student body as if it was my own family and always do my best to ensure everyone’s well-being. The needs and desires of others are a top priority, and if elected, I would plan to always keep such needs and desires in mind whenever I am to present myself to administration and to Student Congress. It would truly be an honor to be elected as the Executive Vice President. There is no other way I feel that I can give myself to the student body.


Congress Secretary:

Sabrina Guilbeault – Class of 2018

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Guilbeault ’18


After serving as the 2018 Class Secretary for two years and as a member of the Publicity Committee this year, it is an honor and privilege to announce that I will be running for Executive Secretary for the 68th Student Congress. I feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to work so closely with other student leaders during my time at Providence College, and as Executive Secretary, I would be grateful for the chance to create dynamic, lasting, and positive change for our campus community. After being a part of the planning and fundraising for the Class of 2018, creating and passing legislation, and after learning from my peers who have lead before me, I know that I am capable and willing to do the work required for this position. Along with Student Congress, I also serve as an editor for The Cowl, I am a member of 6 Gents Comedy group, and I am majoring in both Theatre and Health Policy & Management. I feel blessed to have been able to take advantage of what PC has to offer, and if elected, would use my leadership role as a way to give back to the school.