Letter to the Editor: Keep “Yuck Truck” on Campus

by The Cowl Editor on March 23, 2017

Letters to the Editor


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We, the Executive Board of the 67th Student Congress, the Student Life Chair, and Student Congress Sodexo Representative, met with Chief Financial Officer John Sweeney and Assistant Vice President for Business Services Warren Gray on Monday, March 20, in regard to the potential banning of Haven Brothers Mobile food truck services, more commonly known by students as “Yuck Truck,” on weekend nights from parking on campus.

As representatives of the student body, we are strongly dissatisfied with this potential decision to ban Haven Brothers Mobile food truck, “Yuck Truck,” from parking on campus, as they previously have been allowed, due to many consequences that would ensue with this decision. We know how busy and popular Haven Brothers Mobile food truck services are on weekend nights. If the truck is banned from campus and forced to relocate off-campus, we are concerned for student safety, as it will create traffic problems with cars on Eaton Street and a pedestrian safety concern as students line the sidewalk and street, especially late at night on weekends, when this food service is popular. It is important for students to have continued access to options located on campus for late night food options. There is also a deep tradition of Haven Brothers Mobile food truck being a late night food stop for Providence College students on weekends. Student Congress has expressed our deep opposition to the decision for this vendor to potentially be banned from parking on campus.

If you enjoy having the Haven Brothers Mobile food truck, “Yuck Truck,” parked on campus during weekend nights and you do not want to see Haven Brothers being banned from parking on campus, please email stucongr@providence.edu voicing your concerns. We will share these with the appropriate administrators. Please reach out to Student Congress members and express your concern. Lastly, please stop in the Student Congress Office Slavin Center LL27C, to express your dissatisfaction with this potential change in late night food options available on PC’s campus. You may also sign a petition in opposition of Haven Brothers food truck, “Yuck Truck,” from being banned on campus when you stop in the Student Congress Office.

Thank you for your consideration and feedback as we continue to work in response of student concerns.

-Andrew Konnerth ’17, Phionna Cayola-Claude ’18, Sean Lawler ’17, Patrick Rogers ’17, Morgan Itz ’18, and John Stablein ’19 of the 67th Student Congress