#FriarsGive…A Lot! PC Raises $700,000 in 24 Hours

by The Cowl Editor on April 6, 2017


Nicholas Crenshaw ’20

by Patrick Healey ’17

News Staff

The goal was $100,000 and 1,917 donors. The result? 3,187 donors for a whopping total of $719,580.

Last week, students and faculty came together to celebrate Providence College and show their gratitude and support by donating to various causes within the College. Friars Give, as the 24-hour event was called, featured a DJ in Slavin Center, free coffee outside the Arthur F. and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies, and an all-around festive atmosphere on campus.

“#PCGive,” and slogan, “All in for One PC” were everywhere, and there were opportunities for alumni and parents, faculty and staff, and even devoted Friar friends to make a contribution via the internet.

Going into Friar’s Give, PC’s goal was to get 1,917 donors in honor of the College’s 1917 centennial celebration, and to raise a total of  $100,000.  If these two goals were met, trustee John A. Cervione ’87, pledged to give an additional $100,000.

In an great show of support from everyone in the PC community, this goal was completely shattered.  Donors were able to specify where exactly they wanted their money to go, with options ranging from the Angel Fund to athletics. As a result, donations were very personal for many donors.

Mary-Ruth Foley, assistant director of annual giving noted, “Friars Give was an example of our culture in all aspects from the cross campus execution to spreading the word, making a gift, and sharing the pride of our first day of giving. We should all be proud.”

Foley also pointed out that the day was such a success “because we were ‘All In for One PC.’ That slogan and sentiment defines the true spirit of this event and the collaboration it took to execute.”

Students appeared to love the day and the fun atmosphere it brought with it.

“I was so impressed with the great campus-wide effort to raise money for the college and in turn bring the community together,” said Jordyn D’Esposito ’17, who could not help but smile amidst the Slavin festivities.

Stephen McCormick ’18, also seemed to enjoy Friars Give, and specifically the free golf cart rides that were given around campus in honor of the event.

“My favorite part of the day was when I was walking back from a test and it was raining like a hurricane and a nice lady offered me a lift in a golf cart,” McCormick stated.

Christine Roche, a faculty member that was part of the office of annual giving, said that her favorite part of the event was “seeing everyone from  the PC community coming together and showing strength in numbers.”

The event continued with  drinks and snacks in Slavin to go along with the DJ and decorations, and Bianca Danello ’17, who worked at Friars Give and collected money said, “Moe’s Burritos was the biggest hit with the students!”

Some PC students  were more critical of the event,  believeing students currently paying tuition should not be asked to donate more funds.  Haley Grant ’17, said, “I found it strange that they were asking families who already pay tuition to donate even more money.”

Looking beyond the financial aspect of the day, many students felt that it allowed them to express their thankfulness for their education and also the environment and people of the PC community.

Stefan Puente ‘17, reflecting on both Friars Give and his entire PC experience, concluded. “I am very blessed to have had an amazing four years here.”