To My Roommates in the Dirty AQ

by The Cowl Editor on April 6, 2017


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by Abby Czerniecki ’18

Portfolio Staff

Thank you to my two

Deranged, insistent, and kind-hearted roommates.


I can’t say you’ve done much,

But what you have is worth a thank you.


Thank you for giving me a messy room

Filled with last night’s outfit choices, make-up brushes, and unread Civ books.


The burnt microwaved popcorn stench

That permanently resides in our room.

And for the fragrance of peanut butter on a spoon

And left out coffee I told you to throw out days ago.


Unmade beds that make it hard not to crawl

Back in bed before my next class.


The unidentified crumbs, empty soda cans, and dirty laundry on the floor.

And for the clumsy (or stumbling) 4 a.m. entrances you promised would be quiet.


The moments of laughter shared,

The exchange of clothes, and late night vending machine runs.


Telling me to breathe when things became overwhelming.

And for wishing me good luck on an exam we both know I did not study for.

And for giving me advice when you saw fit.


Screaming my name out the windows of Aquinas

When you saw me walking up.


Forgiveness and apologies when something went wrong.

And for your patience when needed, and your overbearing loudness.


Simply being there when I needed you most,

When I needed a Ray date, and when I needed comfort.

When I needed encouragement and craziness, and

When I needed excitement and solace,

You both were always there.


Thank you for brightening so many of my routine days

Because it does my heart good at the end of the day

To know that you guys were only just a bed away.