A Bittersweet Beginning

by thecowl.opinion on May 5, 2017

Editor's Column

by Marla Gagne ’18


Whoever said “If you love something, set it free,” clearly does not know our feelings about the Class of 2017.

They are vibrant and hilarious, intelligent and funny, loving and inspirational. And their best attribute? They work for The Cowl.

As commencement approaches, our Cowl staff is slowly coming to terms with the fact that our beloved seniors are leaving us. In one year, this dedicated team of editors and writers has rebranded our newspaper, launched a new website, pushed for the best stories, and worked tirelessly every week to make the best possible issue, usually with little sleep and a stack of homework waiting for them at home.

During the chaos, it is hard to appreciate the special moments—brainstorming ideas at a meeting, taking the team bowling, cheering when the pizza finally arrives, and reading horoscopes on a Monday night for a little life inspiration.

Looking back at this incredible year, I am so honored to be taking the position of Editor-in-Chief and for Paige Calabrese ’18, who is off gallivanting in Spain, to return home as my Associate-Editor-in-Chief. Thank you, Katie and Jackie ,for showing us what it means to be leaders. Thank you to the seniors for giving your all every week. And thank you to the writers for always pushing for the best stories. Without you all, we wouldn’t have had such an incredible year. And we hope that even though we are letting you go free to do amazing things, you will come back to us (or else).

Despite this bittersweet moment on our last Cowl Wednesday, I look forward to carrying on our 82-year tradition. We give students a voice on campus, we record history, and, most importantly, we bring such a great group of people together. We have made so much progress this year and Paige and I cannot wait to continue the success and make The Cowl better than ever next year. The staffs of Cowl past have created a path for us—now it is up to us, future writers and editors, and you the readers, to help carry it on.