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What Are We Even Voting For? The Importance of Participating in Local Politics

by Sarah McLaughlin ’23 Last week, many of us (hopefully most of us) voted in the midterm elections. I don’t think I’m the only one who found myself staring at my absentee ballot in my left hand while I frantically typed names of candidates and elected positions into Ballotpedia’s search bar with my right. As […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

Reflections on Senior Ring Weekend: A Night for Our Wallets to Remember

Over the past week and a half, many seniors have expressed rightful discontent at having paid $100 (more if one counts the price of dresses and tux rentals) for two nights in Peterson and some spinach dip. It feels a bit cheap of the college to ask this of us when many are, ironically, working […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

Feeling Lost in the Corporate World: Reflections on the Career Expo

by Sarah McLaughlin ’23 As a senior, I felt obligated to attend the Career Expo two weeks ago. I thought it provided a good opportunity to speak with potential employers, and I thought it might quell some of my fears about my future. However, I left with perhaps a greater feeling of uneasiness than I […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

Why I Write for The Cowl: Student Journalism, Civic Debate, and Self-expression

As the new on-campus panel discussion series began this week, I have been reminded of how important it is that we, as students, have the ability to express our thoughts in a long-form, professional manner. It is great that professors with opinions that conflict with PC’s norms have been given a platform to speak on […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

The Best Four Years of Your Life: Going Out, Staying In, and All the In-betweens

Most of us have a particular idea that comes to mind when asked to describe Providence College’s culture. I don’t think I’d be wrong to assume we all tend to think of Lily Pulitzer dresses, white sneakers, and seltzer cans littered across Eaton St. I think a lot of incoming freshmen look forward to the […]

The Cowl Editor

Still a Work in Progress

Nicole Patano ’22 Editor-in-chief   One of the first times I was on Providence College’s campus as a prospective student, more than four years ago, then-president of the College, Fr. Brian Shanley, O.P., gave a speech before parents and guardians which has stuck with my mom to this day. She, despite having already been through […]


Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Nicole Patano ’22 Editor-in-chief   Things Are Not Always What They Seem So Treat People With Kindness, Dammit   Mental Health Awareness Month, a nationally celebrated effort to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, kicks off in just over a week.  In perfect timing for this month, I recently had the opportunity to read How […]