Why The Red Sox Will Win the American League East

by The Cowl Editor on September 15, 2017

Professional Sports

The Boston Red Sox Photo Courtesy of Lon Keller


By Meaghan Cahill ’20

Sports Staff

At this point in the season, it is almost impossible for the Boston Red Sox not to win the American League East. They have five wins on the New York Yankees with 81 wins this season, which puts them in first place in the AL East and gives them one of the top records in the MLB. The Sox’s record allows them to be almost assured in knowing that they will have home-field advantage in the first round of playoffs.

   Red Sox pitcher, Chris Sale, is regarded as a top pitcher in the league. Not only is he a standout, but the depth of the pitching staff is undeniable. Aside from their excellent pitchers, the Red Sox are also able to put together an outstanding defensive outfield, which consists of Andrew Benintendi, Mookie Betts, and Jackie Bradley Jr., who display just as much skill during the game as they do in their post-game win dances.

   And yes, in terms of run production in runs scored, the Sox may be lacking, but that is made up for in their pitching and defensive core. This year, the team has been more aggressive than they ever have been over the past couple of years with their running and stealing of the bases, which also contributes to making up for lack of run production. Their aggressiveness has been helping with positioning players in better scoring positions. It is because of these reasons that the Red Sox will win the AL East.

   The competitive mentality of the Red Sox franchise coupled with their outstanding pitching and aggressive offensive will take them to the top of the AL East.