Congress Updates

by The Cowl Editor on September 28, 2017

Congress Updates

by Connor Nolan ’19

Student Congress Publicity

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This past Tuesday, Student Congress welcomed Major John Leyden to speak about many of the changes taking place within the Department of Public Safety.  The Major explained the ongoing changes that started in early 2016 to what was then named the Office of Safety and Security.  Outside experts were brought in to give their opinions on how to best update the outdated office, and these reports are available on MyPortal under campus documents for curious students.

A few questions followed the mention of firearms on campus, with students wondering if it was truly the best option.  Major Leyden understood these concerns, but pointed to the necessary training required for these officers and how they will be ready to deal with any situation that arises on campus.

The Major also fielded questions on whether or not there would be a guard or officer posted at the Eaton Security Gate on week nights as there had been in the past.  Major Leyden said that as of now they had utilized the automated gate, but after a few students expressed concern with their safety traveling back to their homes at night, he stated that his department would look into making changes.

The Class of 2021 and newly elected members were sworn into Congress, making the 68th Providence College Student Congress finally complete.

In terms of old business, the Afro-Caribbean Club again spoke of their intention to create a safe and inclusive space for students to come together and learn about the various cultures of the Caribbean.  Members of the Congress thanked them, complimenting their preparedness and hard work, and the club was passed unanimously.

The second piece of old business brought before the Congress involved the posting of stickers with important contact numbers in off-campus houses owned by the 02908 Club. The piece was presented by Cassandra Caggiano ’18. The stickers will follow the format of those found in bathrooms on campus, and was offered to be paid for by the 02908 Club. The piece was passed unanimously by those members present.