Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

by The Cowl Editor on September 28, 2017


PC Promotes Mindfulness With Online Magazine

by Sarah Gianni ’18

News Staff

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In order to prepare students for life after graduation, Providence College has developed The Friar Four Foundational Pillars.  Human Flourishing, Cultural Agility, Contemplation and Communication, and Integrated Learning encompass the four pillars, representing principles that PC students can strive to incorporate into their lives.  This year, the “Flourishing at PC” initiative is an attempt to dive deeper into the human flourishing pillar of the Friar Four. ”

“‘Flourishing at PC’ is our initiative to help students flourish, which we define as aligning what we want to do and believe we should do with what we actually do,” said Courtney Mackey, assistant director of fitness and programming.  PC has joined the over 500 schools that subscribe to the online magazine Student Health 101.

The intention of SH101 is to “create a culture of wellness at schools by publishing articles that cover a variety of topics, including stress, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and more,” said Mackey. “Its articles speak to all dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational, and intellectual) within the context of being a college student.” Dr. Jim Campbell, assistant vice president for student development and compliance, emphasized the importance of getting health and wellness information to students in an efficient and impactful way.

“We wanted to identify the wants and needs of students, but present it in an engaging and high quality format,” said Campbell.  “Joining SH101 seemed to check all the boxes, as it is professionally created content put together by experts.”

At the same time, PC is able to customize some of the content on the site, making it more relatable to campus. “PC students and staff will be contributing to SH101 through articles, videos, and interviews,” said Mackey. “This allows for students to not only learn about various topics that can help them flourish, but they will learn how they can flourish at PC specifically.”

Articles such as how to navigate Raymond Dining Hall, working the equipment in the fitness center, or recipes that you can make in residence halls add a more personal touch to the site. “For the November issue, we will have a few customized PC features, and we hope to increase the amount of customized content each month,” said Mackey.

Any students who may be interested in writing about health and wellness or participating in creating digital content can contact Courtney Mackey at “As SH101 is in its first, experimental year at PC, we will be looking for feedback from students throughout the year,” said Dr. Campbell.

“We hope it will start some helpful conversations about things that students are concerned about on campus.” Those who are interested in checking out SH101 can go to