by The Cowl Editor on September 28, 2017


silhouette of walking couple
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by Marelle Hipolito, ’21


I woke up, and I already knew you were there

I felt you before I saw you

I knew you before I heard you

Like how I loved you before I met you

The weight of your body on the edge of my bed was so familiar

Like how the sun spills in through the window every morning

And drowns my room in its light

I turned around and I fell into the little indent where you were sitting

I sunk into the warmth of your body

You were looking on me patiently, waiting for me, as always

To get up and go with you, as always

You told me, let’s go, and we did

Everything that we wanted to do

Walk down the street

Through the shops

Run through plaza fountains

Drive around the city

With the windows down

Blasting our songs

Everything we wanted to do

We did

But then

the clock sounded

It blared through air

Rang in our ears, making us cower in its presence

and panic struck our hearts and minds and told us what to do but not what we should do and what we wanted to do but not what we needed to do

And the vibration of its dreadful roar

The bite in the forbidden apple

Made an overwhelming split in between and destroyed


My best friend

Half of me

All my heart and soul

Was now

someone I could touch but couldn’t feel

Could meet but never know

Could look at but never saw

and could never love

The clock ended its howl

But the apple fell on the ground, rotten

And the ripples of the water remained


We went back in time.

Everything we did

Was undone

We walked up the street

Out the shops

Drove back from the city

With the windows up and

In silence

And back onto my bed

Where you got up, told me you were going to go, and you did

You didn’t even wait for me

You didn’t even look at me

I pulled a blanket over my body

Because it was cold without the heat of yours

And I turned back around from the empty edge of the bed

Since there was no indent of you to fall into

It was so unfamiliar

Like the tension of the last five months

My eyes wet because of you

Like my heart breaking when you told me it never would

The sun set, draining my room of the light it drowned my room in

Like you, draining my life of the love you drowned me in

And knowing I was alone, I went back to sleep

With the dream of what was supposed to be

With the dream of what if it was you and me

With the dream of our meant to be

With this dream

I went back to sleep