Giving Up

by The Cowl Editor on October 5, 2017


shattered heart-shaped lollipop
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by Connor Zimmerman ’20


I wait for you, just trying to think

About how I can ease the pain,

Being torn between my heart and brain.

     Because its all about to sink.


We walk along two different roads,

Time always keeping us apart,

Constantly stabbing us in the heart.

     Never living the show, just episodes.


I just feel so paralyzed,

Cause we both know that its true:

I’ve been giving up on you.

     It has all been compromised.


So please dont give me that glare,

You know that weve lost our spark,

And were stumbling in the dark.

     Were just living in despair.


If I could fix what is broken,

I would strive to bridge our divide,

And never have you leave my side.

     The final word must be spoken.


Once were done I have just one thought,

Your longing green eyes streaming with blue:

I hate that I gave up on you.

     In the end, I was made to be distraught.