Tangents and Tirades

by The Cowl Editor on October 5, 2017


NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem.
NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem. Photo Courtesy of Matt Dunham/AP Photo.

Political Plays: NFL Protests Provoke Discussions of Liberty

When Colin Kaepernick sat during the national anthem at the first 2016 preseason game for the 49ers, no one noticed. It was not until the third preseason game, when Kaepernick began kneeling, that his actions began to garner attention.

What began as a quiet, individual protest 13 months ago has exploded into a national controversy. On Sunday, Sept. 24, over 200 NFL players kneeled, sat, or linked arms as a sign of solidarity following what some players and team owners have called “divisive” comments by President Trump.

Across the nation, the actions of the players have sparked heated debate; some view the protest as un-American and disrespectful to our country and the men and women who defend it, while others hail the movement as a crucial step towards addressing problems of injustice in America.

Right now, with the national anthem protest gaining more speed and attention, Americans must remember that a protest of this sort is completely constitutional, protected under the First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Now more than ever, we must recognize this right for those on both sides of the debate.

While those who view the kneeling as disrespectful are completely justified in and entitled to their opinions, the players and their supporters are just as justified in their reasons and rights to protest. The fact that this protest has become so intense is proof not of our differences, but that we can all find common ground in our commitment and willingness to fight for what we believe America should stand for.

This movement is a way to start a discussion about justice in America, but when we continue to allow single-minded bitter opinions to define us, we fail to take this opportunity to better our country.

-Andrea Traietti ’21


Make the Move: Utilize Personal Counseling Center

We have just persevered through our fifth week of the Fall 2017 semester at Providence College. With a total of 15 weeks in the semester, we are now just over a third of the way through. Right now, the first wave of tests and presentations has arrived.

Therefore, it is inevitable that the emotional meltdowns and episodes of exhaustion are taking hold.

Do not feel like you are alone in this; not only do you have the company of fellow students, but the counseling center on campus is a great resource. No harm or shame can come from scheduling an appointment or two.

As a psychology major, one topic we are currently discussing in my personality class is the effect of communicating with someone out loud. Let me tell you, therapy is not a big hoax for money. Talking works!

Located in Bedford Hall, the Personal Counseling Center at the College is a place you can go even if you just need a minute of silence or to catch your breath.

If you are not ready or comfortable making an appointment, just sit in the lobby and play with the zen garden. The staff will happily give you water or tea to help calm yourself while you sit and relax.

There is also a plethora of helpful books in a mini-library section that you can request to borrow and read on your own time.

Next time you are outside of Bedford Hall, just take it into consideration.

-McKenzie Tavella 18