Grass is Greener in Providence

by Courtney Wight '26 on November 12, 2023


On Sept. 21, the Providence City Council unanimously voted to enact policies with the goal of becoming America’s first “Climate Job City.” The program aims to enact positive climate policies in numerous different departments of the state.

Notable promises include a climate literacy program for Providence schools. This program is a great step in the right direction. By educating the newest generation, they will be more equipped to handle the environmental issues that will plague the country in the coming decades. The program also intends to educate students on how to introduce renewable energy into areas. The city wishes to educate the newest generation on the most pressing issues of their age.

This program will make students more valuable to companies since regulations will likely continue to promote renewable energy. By having a foundation in this area, students will be more knowledgeable about these topics, which will be especially useful if they desire to continue working in any relevant fields. Most importantly, students will be able to understand the effects that climate change has on our planet and learn how renewable energy can help to curb them.

Other key parts of the program are aimed to help minorities in Providence. One part of the newly passed program would be updating the emergency awareness system. This includes having emergency alerts for weather events such as flooding and extreme heat in numerous languages, so all citizens are able to prepare for severe weather events. 

Additionally, the city is promising to improve public transport. While this point is rather vague, it will not only help the environment but those in the city who are not able to afford their own transportation.

While the accomplishments of this resolution should be celebrated, programs such as this should be enacted on both the state and federal level. The efforts of local governments are not to be diminished, but curbing climate change requires large scale efforts of everyone in the country. On a global scale, all countries should have programs and strategies to fight climate change, as every country on Earth will feel the negative impacts of climate change.