Falling Out Of Old Habits

by The Cowl Editor on October 19, 2017


falling autumn leaves
Photo courtesy of emailbackgrounds.com

by Sam Pellman ’20

Just as the seasons change it is only right that we should too.

Following close behind Summer is Fall ready to show the world its charm.

Yet the beginning of Fall doesn’t mean the end of bliss.

It means a chance to restart and get a grip on life.

With each leaf that falls off the trees comes a new opportunity.

An opportunity to fall out of old habits and create new ones.

Fall is a time to let go of anything in the past that is stopping you from moving forward.

To embrace Fall is to let yourself fall.

Throw away any toxic thoughts or people just as the trees throw away their leaves.

Let the cool air hit your face and allow you to feel alive again.

Take in the smells of cinnamon, spices, apples, and pumpkins

And let go of the ocean mists and the smoky smell of late night bonfires for a little bit.

Hear the wind whistle and the leaves crunch.

And understand that this wind carries a choice you can take to change your routines.

Each season only lasts for so long; this new start to your life may be short-lived, so enjoy it while it lasts.

It’s unnatural for something to stay the same for too long…

Both seasons and humans need constant change and different experiences.

But remember Summer will find its way back again.

But this time you’ll look forward to the start of Fall.

Because you know it’s your short time to simply start over and let yourself finally fall.