by The Cowl Editor on October 19, 2017


Earth between the sun and the moon
Photo courtesy of LinkedIn

by Jessica Polanco ’20


If I had to choose between the moon and the sun

I would choose to stay in-between. I would make believe that the skies in my world

Can stay gray forever. I would swim in belief that the night and day are no home for my soul.

Although it shines bright, the sun and the light

It just doesn’t seem right to fly alone with so much wisdom in things that only a few people know.

The anxiety to share this gift overtakes my mind, but knowing no one will understand, holds me back.

Something so powerful, yet so worthless.

The true meaning of life equals no treasure at all, knowing everything means being a master at knowing nothing.

The sun and the light, it blinds one person into a box.

Others who know share similar dialect that call this place home,

Makes them feel whole but isolated from what the future holds.

They realize that the reality is unknown.

Night, where nothing is bright.

The dot of light brings hope in these lives that share so much pain.

The only goal known in the life obtained,

Is survival.

Muppets mesmerized by dead presidents and bills,

Forgetting that it’s possible to get ill.

Forced injections of puzzling life mazes, while they laugh above you at your misfortune.

Assembled incentive molded by dollars elevate prison bars in people’s minds making it impossible to reach day time.

In my home, this chase of fortune, blocking out mindful wealth is considered a crime.

Perplexing voyage, I dream of a home in the sky between the dusk and dawn.

Happiness fills my mind when I know it all and when I know nothing at all.