Senior Giving Applications

by The Cowl Editor on October 26, 2017


By Hannah Langley ’21

News Staff

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One of the primary goals at Providence College is receiving alumni support for various fundraising efforts and opportunities. One of these works is Senior Giving, a fundraising campaign led by the Annual Giving Department. Senior Giving is a year-long effort spearheaded by current seniors to raise funds through donations by members of the senior class, whose money directly benefits some part of the life and experience at PC.

Bianca Danello ’17, the senior office assistant for Annual Giving and the Department of Institutional Advancement, noted her admiration for the campaign as it “garner[s] senior class philanthropic support for the college, as well as educate[s] students on the importance of giving back.”

Danello, along with her co-chairman Michael Gilmor ’17, were chosen last year to be the heads of the program by staff members in the Annual Giving Department. The two of them, along with about twelve other seniors, worked with a member of the Annual Giving Department to coordinate and manage the fundraising efforts.

Danello emphasized how the Senior Giving program is primarily a student-based effort rather than a program led by members of PC administration, faculty, and staff. It is the seniors’ obligation to reach out to other students and gain support in their efforts to raise money for PC.

These donations can be put towards anything the senior desires, whether it be student activities, financial aid, internships, study abroad programs, or daily student life. Each student gets to individually choose how their donation money will be put to use, and donations can be as large or as small as the senior wishes.

Any donation goes a long way, as the money not only benefits the program or activity it is intended for, but also helps increase the school’s donor participation and national ranking. The goal for this year, Danello said, is to reach 55 percent participation within the Class of 2018.

To apply, seniors only need to fill out an application, which can be found online, and return it to Harkins 412 Attn: Bianca Danello, send it to, or give it to one of the co-chairs. After this, the co-chairs review the applicants and schedule meetings to discuss plans for the year.

Though the formal application period has ended, Danello said that they will still be accepting seniors interested in joining, and those interested should contact her for more information. Until the campaign launch in November, gifts can be made at or by calling the Office of Institutional Advancement at (401)865-2536. Help PC reach its goal for the class of 2018 by donating today!