As They Stroll On By

by The Cowl Editor on November 2, 2017


bloody knife
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by Kiley McMahon ’20


As the tears fall from my solemn blue eyes,

and as the children stroll on by,

their guardians look at me,

for they know my secret.


Their lingering stares

melt my mind,

for they are truly forever engrained.


The lifeless soul

looks back at me,

as I relive the moment,



The first stab,

my heart runs its course,

at one hundred miles per minute.


The second stab,

my heart aches,

for the pain feels too good.


I cannot stop,

for the adrenaline is too much.


With each kill,

I become more and more power hungry.

As I stand lifeless next to this deceased body,

whose name is unknown to me,

I watch individuals stroll on by,

and I realize that I need help.


As the children smile,

wearing their sweet,

content smiles,

I am aware that I need guidance,

as soon as possible.


I need aid,

as I stand lifeless,

in front of this body,

whose name is unknown to me.