The Dark

by The Cowl Editor on November 2, 2017


Hand reaching out into darkness
Photo courtesy of

by Erin Lucey ’20


I never knew I was afraid

But when the lights dimmed, the darkness stayed.

Did it happen all at once?

Or was I simply unaware

Until I suddenly awoke and could find nothing there.


I remember the light,

And the colors that screamed with fearless delight.

But the memories of the middle are nowhere to be found,

And the sharpness of the black is all too profound.


Was the light simply a dream?

From which I returned with a bloodcurdling scream?

If it is not existent—so far from real,

Then why do I crave it with a blaring zeal?


Searching for the switch, the dial, or power,

But every moment feels like a darker hour.

Is it possible that this shadow will eventually fade?

Though until now, I never knew I was afraid.