Giving Yourself This Holiday Season

by The Cowl Editor on November 30, 2017

Editor's Column

by Marla Gagne ’18


After five days of eating copious amounts of food, going to war at malls across America, and catching up on much-needed sleep, it is time to say goodbye to Thanksgiving and hello to the Christmas season.

Like many people, I spent the remainder of my break watching Hallmark Christmas movies while drinking eggnog and prepping our Christmas tree.  And as I returned to Providence College Sunday night, it was clear I was not the only one ready to celebrate the season of Michael Bublé, hot chocolate by the fire, and nonstop Christmas movies.

Finals can be a stressful period that leave little time to enjoy the winter festivities or celebrate important religious holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. But throughout PC and Providence, there are many things to do to enjoy the holiday season if you can spare a minute or two.

This week’s issue features a Winter Season preview from A&E, giving you the best tips to make the most of December. Read more about where to adventure for local ice-skating or join the debate about the best city to visit during December—New York or Boston?  Find out more about the history of snowstorms at PC and the winter fashion sweeping campus and tell us if you agree with our top five Christmas movie list.

The season is also a time of giving, to help people in need and ensure they are prepared for winter and can also have a special Christmas. News this week takes a look at the toy drive of Providence College’s Leadership Honor Society, Dirigo, one of many organizations on campus helping the community with toys, food, and winter supplies.

Supporting these organizations is so important to being a responsible member of the community and thinking beyond the PC bubble. But as you approach the season, I also encourage you to look at giving beyond materials. Your skills, talent, and time can be so special to people, from visiting someone who cannot go out in the cold weather to volunteering at a local church or food drive. Even spending a few extra minutes to check in with a stressed friend or FaceTiming someone you have not talked to in a while can make such a difference to that person.

As finals consume the end of the semester, remember to care about the work you are doing, care about the people you are working with, and have some holiday fun.