by The Cowl Editor on November 30, 2017


Traveler with backpack walking forward alone at sunset
Photo courtesy of safeminds.org

by Sam Pellman ’20


I’ve gotten lost multiple times in my life on multiple occasions.

I’ve gotten lost in the mall, roaming store after store until I don’t remember where I started.

I’ve lost my mom in the grocery store.

I’ve lost my car in the parking lot and spent 20 minutes trying to find it.

I’ve gotten lost in a corn maze.

I’ve been lost in an airport and missed my flight.

I’ve gotten lost on my college campus, walking into the wrong classroom.

I’ve lost my dad in Home Depot and had to use the loudspeaker to find him.

I’ve lost my phone in my pocket.

I’ve lost my sunglasses on my head.

I’ve lost myself in a daydream waking up to a disappointing reality.

I’ve gotten lost in a museum and it closed while I was still inside.

I’ve lost loved ones and friends.

I’ve lost games and contests.

I’ve lost my temper.

I’ve lost sight of what’s important.

I’ve lost my heart after I gave it to someone who dropped it.

I’ve gotten lost in the thrill of it all at times in my life,

But the one thing I refuse to ever lose is myself.