Your Majesty

by The Cowl Editor on November 30, 2017


Photo courtesy of

by Marelle Hipolito ’21



are in the ocean.

they stay in the background.

give all their life to

the surrounding ocean, and there is


nothing left for them to uphold.

everything to love about them: gone.

Unless, of course, they are for the ocean.

They are beautiful when wet, with the ocean salt

They are loved when skipped, in the ocean

Only remembered and found, in the ocean.

moving with the flow, they agree to choices,

choices that they do not make for themselves.

These are choices that benefit the tide of the ocean

The wave of the ocean

Everything for the ocean

sacrificing their existence for the other.

colored gray, weathered by rough environment

harshness on their surfaces:

it makes them weak—dependent.

You made me YOUR PEBBLE.

Your life, YOU were the great wondrous ocean, and I, I!

I was merely a crumb under your fingernails but when you. needed. me—NO!

I, then, was so much MORE IMPORTANT.

you would not be ANYWHERE without me, the small, gray pebble that you molded into your slave

I used to be my own rock, confident and proud, but you seduced me into your waves

into the shriveled up person that I am now


this is how you REPAY ME?

you weakened and minimized me into this small

shy pebble that needed your approval for everything

YOUR MAJESTY—what should I do for you next?

Where do you want me to sit, where do you want me to stand?

what kind of tide should I flow with now?

What kind of wave should I bear with now?

High, low, it’s up to you! I am for you, only you, there is nowhere else to go to

whatever will appease you, great ocean king of my life

you put me down so you could step up on my shoulders so you can be at the great height you are at now

I used to be vibrant, full of life and joy and excitement then you pulled me with your crystal clear ocean waves and it was only then, when I became your pebble that I saw myself

STUCK in the swampy muddy waters of yours polluted with your deepest darkest secrets that I kept. for. YOU!

I HOPE YOU DROWN in your own ocean,

and become your own pebble

that will stay in the background.