Big Campus Clubs Share Their Election Processes

by The Cowl Editor on February 1, 2018


A How-To Guide on Interviewing for Club Membership

by Hannah Langley ’20

News Staff

With so many clubs and organizations on campus, it can be hard to choose which ones are best suited for each of us. Some of the most popular and involved clubs on campus include Friars Club, Board of Programmers, Board of Multicultural Student Affairs, Student Congress, and Campus Ministry, all of which invest time into making the Providence College experience the best it can be. Each of these clubs has a unique interview and selection process, and while the chances of becoming a member of one of these clubs may seem difficult, it is not nearly as intimidating as some might think.

Interviews for Friars Club have already ended for freshmen and sophomores, but interviews for juniors will be held on Feb. 20 and 22. Applications for BOP will be made available from mid-February until spring break. Those looking to apply for BMSA should look out for Red Polo Day, which is similar to the Coffeehouse events held by Friars Club and BOP, later this semester. Applications for Student Congress will be available, most likely, in April. Campus Ministry began accepting applications on Jan. 30.

Members of Campus Ministry Leadership
Photo Courtesy Fr. Dominic Verner, O.P.

Campus Ministry Leadership includes many social, service, and spiritual activities that students can get involved with at PC and in the surrounding community. There are a total of 62 students involved in Campus Ministry this year–a president, vice president, 22 members on the council, and 38 peer ministers. To become a part of Campus Ministry, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can fill out an application that includes a series of reflection questions. Applicants are then interviewed by members of Campus Ministry, and finally selected by the members of the club. Following this, students can become involved in various service opportunities, such as Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity. They can also become peer ministers and FaithWorks leaders. Shannon Grady ’18, vice president of Campus Ministry, became a member of Campus Ministry Leadership during her sophomore year. She talked about her own personal experience of being a part of Campus Ministry, saying, “I’ve made my best friends…formed deep connections, and grown in faith.”



Members of Friars Club
Photo Courtesy Delina Auciello ’18

Friars Club is in charge of giving tours of the campus, as well as working special events and hockey games. The club consists of 76 students, including 37 new members each year – 14 freshmen, 13 sophomores, and 10 juniors. The interview process begins by filling out an initial application and writing a 250-word personal statement. The application is then given to a three-person interview committee, comprised of members who do not previously know the student. The applicant is then asked a series of questions, evaluated by the entire club, and then, if selected, placed on a specialized committee. These committees are held responsible for working specific events, as well as giving tours to prospective future Friars.

Kyle Fitzsimons ’18, chair member of the elections board, mentioned that there is no “specific mold” they are looking for in an applicant; they are simply looking for students who “work well with prospective students and their families, as well as alumni and faculty.” Shane Sturtevant ’19, assistant to the chairs of the election committee, explained how all active members of the club participate in the interview and election process, making the selection of new members “completely democratic.” Fitzsimons loves Friars Club because of the “family mentality” of those in the club, and because “each member is cared for, loved, and supported.” Sturtevant talked about how one of his favorite parts about Friars Club is seeing the high schoolers he gave a tour to come to PC . “Knowing that I had a part in how they ended up here makes it all worth it and is a feeling that is so incredible,” say Sturtevant.

Members of Student Congress
Photo Courtesy Cassandra Caggiano ’18

Student Congress also holds an important responsibility at PC, as they address campus needs and issues raised by students. Currently, there are around 100 students involved with Student Congress, including an executive board, nine elected members from each class year, and students assigned to various committees. For freshmen, sophomores, and juniors running for election, the process involves attending an Ethics Review Meeting, obtaining 50 signatures from students, and campaigning. To become a committee member, students only need to fill out an application and are then interviewed. Brett Canzano ’21 became a member of a Student Congress committee last semester and already loves it. “I really like spending time in the office and talking with people I never would have met outside of it, such as people in other grades. Congress has given me so many new friends, and I’m so happy for that,” he said. Devon Guanci ’19 said, “I enjoy working with my peers to make positive changes on our campus, as well as having frequent opportunities to meet with members of the administration and students from other clubs.” Conor Glendon ’18 also mentioned how his favorite part of Student Congress is all of the people he has met. He said, “As a freshman it gave me a chance to meet seniors I would otherwise have never crossed paths with and likewise as a senior with freshmen I would have never met.”

Members of BOP
Brianna Colletti ’21/ The Cowl

BOP is another prominent club at PC that helps plan events for the student body. The club consists of 10 different committees and an executive board. Each year, the club opens applications to freshmen and sophomores, accepting about 10 students from each grade. After filling out an application and writing a short creative piece, students then sign up for a small group interview, where the interviewers can get a general sense about whether or not they want to see the applicant return for an individual interview. This personal interview consists of a panel of four members from the executive board and one faculty member from Student Activities. Libby Jancsy ’18, president of BOP, mentioned why she loves this club, saying it gives students a chance to “meet new people and do something fun on campus.” She said, “We are truly a club that is dedicated to making students feel welcomed and safe on campus, and helping them find a home in Friartown.”

Members of BMSA
Photo Courtesy PC BMSA Instagram

BMSA oversees other clubs and organizations at PC that promote and concentrate on cultural awareness. Some of the clubs and organizations BMSA supervises are Afro-Am Society, Asian-Am Society, Gaelic Society, Students Organized Against Racism, and the Motherland Dance Group. To be a part of BMSA, students can either apply to be on the executive board of the club they are affiliated with, or they can join the BMSA committee. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can apply to be on the BMSA committee, where they will then be placed on one of five committees–social, outreach, diversity, marketing, and events. Joining one of the committees involves a three-step process. First, students must fill out an application, then they are interviewed by the current chairs of each of the committees, and finally are  interviewed by the current members of the BMSA executive board. Marcie Mai ’18, president of BMSA, said her favorite part about the club is “being able to share [her] passion about social justice issues with…the PC community.”