by The Cowl Editor on February 8, 2018


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by Jay Willett ’20


I won’t lie to you

I’m not the most athletic,

But the exhilaration of a touchdown or breakaway is won through patience.

I’m not the most intellectual,

But learning is my reason for existence, and gradually learning is diligent.

I’m not the wealthiest,

But the money made is hard-earned, saved, and the excess is distributed among others.

I’m not the most popular,

But companions are won through kindness, not competition.

I’m not the biggest player,

But connections and relationships are built through trust and loyalty.

I’m not the strongest,

But regular exercise and good health comes with a value of temperance.

I’m not the greatest,

And as an elder introduced me to another he said,

“This is him, he’s not really good at anything.”

At least he wasn’t lying,

Philippians 4:8.