Avon Cinema Hosts Annual Providence Children’s Film Festival

by Kerry Torpey on February 15, 2018

Arts & Entertainment

A scene from the film Negative Space, shown at the Providence Children's Film Festival
Photo courtesy of providencechildrensfilmfestival.com

by Blaine Payer ’18

A&E Staff

Grab your kids, grab your wife, because they are showing all of the movies this weekend! It is Oscar season, which means it is the perfect time of year to get together with all of the youngsters and head over to Avon on Thayer Street. This year, they will be holding their ninth annual Providence Children’s Film Festival (PCFF) between Feb. 16 and 25.

After a meal at one of Thayer Street’s many eateries, get your tickets and prepare for 10 days of activities, filmmaking workshops, short films, and feature films made by local and international talent.

It seems as though there is never a shortage of fun things to do in the most artistic city on the East Coast. Whether you are in the mood for art exhibits, old-fashioned movie-going experiences, walks in the park, or eating at the best food trucks on the planet, Providence has got it all. It is the perfect size for an art-lover; big enough to hold major, mainstream events, but also small enough to indulge in things like the PCFF.

Alex Pollan ’18, a Rhode Island resident and avid moviegoer, said, “It’s good to see a local business giving back to the youth of their community,” and that “hopefully the services provided by the festival will inspire kids to pursue their dreams.” Given the current tumultuous political and social environment, it is likely that some of these films will serve to educate both kids and adults alike.

However, not all of the films are gracing the silver screen for the first time. Beloved classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will also appear in the lineup.

Snow White will hold a dual position, serving both as a throwback that every family has bonded over at least once, as well as the main event for a workshop entitled “Deconstructing Disney.”

The most interesting event, arriving at the tail end of the festival, is the “2018 Youth Filmmaker Showcase,” which will display short films made by kids, for kids. The feeling of pride any independent filmmaker experiences having their work shown is difficult to describe, never mind a filmmaker under the age of 13.

Stop by any night between Feb. 16 and 25 for great fun and even better movies. Just because they are kid’s movies does not mean that they are just for kids. Invite your younger siblings and cousins, grab a burrito, and enjoy an evening of films made by some of the best artists in the world.