Getting the Gold at PC

by The Cowl Editor on February 15, 2018

Editor's Column

by Marla Gagne ’18


Whether you are a die-hard sports fan or just in it for the curling, the Olympics is a time to amaze and be amazed. Athletes from around the world defy all odds and show their skill, intensity, and passion during their one shot to prove they are the best.

In the first week of competition, the United States has already claimed four gold medals and created superstars. We are amazed by the young athletes, like snowboarders Red Gerard and Chloe Kim, who claimed gold at their first Olympics and at the age of 17. We are amazed by returning champions that continue to train and stay motivated—Jamie Anderson just became the first female snowboarder to win two Olympic gold medals. And we are amazed by athletes setting records, like Shaun White who just became the first snowboarder to become a three-time Olympic champion and claimed the U.S. historic 100th medal in Winter Olympic history.

Each Olympic season, I am always equally surprised by what I learn about different countries, cultures, sports, and the skill and devotion of these athletes. And while I may not be training to make it down the half pipe or to perform a triple axel, I think we can all be our own Olympian by getting out of our comfort zone, advancing our skills, and all around bettering ourselves.

February is the perfect time to attend different events and learn something new. This week’s issue features events surrounding Black History Month, including mobile museums, faith-based talks, and movie reviews. Join conversations and learn something new about people’s culture, accomplishments, and struggles.

Challenge your mind with Opinion articles—what do you think about attending Providence College  events and do you support the newest Super Bowl commercials? Or be fearless with A&E and go visit the local bands mentioned in “Let’s Rant” or explore Brown’s art and architecture. And see what our own devoted and talented athletes are doing in softball, tennis, and swimming—do we have any future Olympians here at PC?

The campus is filled with opportunities to do what you love or find something new to love. Take February to explore interests, meet new people, and live like an Olympian—fearlessly.